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The graduation season "and listen to the breeze, wait for the blossoming" Russian Academy of Graduates 2020 cloud graduation party successfully held

The graduation season "and listen to the breeze, wait for the blossoming" Russian Academy of Graduates 2020 cloud graduation party successfully held

100 Russian undergraduate graduates of 2020 from domestic, foreign, on-campus and off-campus gathered in the cloud in 2 countries, 5 time zones, 22 provinces, 8-37 degrees temperature difference, 2 hours and 30 minutes of live broadcast.










On the evening of June 5th, 2020 graduates' cloud graduation party" listen to the breeze and wait for the blossoming " was successfully held. The main venue of the party was set in the 2020 graduates' classrooms. Foreign graduates came to the scene, and some of the college leaders and teacher representatives, all 2020 graduates, and lower-grade student representatives attended the meeting. The evening party was presided over by Wang Jian, the instructor of the graduation grade.

The Cloud Graduation Party is composed of five chapters, which are youth memories, wishing and dreaming, parting wishes, message blessings, and roaming on alma mater.

Before the party began, a song "Welcome to You" was lingering in your ears. The campus that had not been seen for a long time came into view again. When the 2016 classmates returned again, they had become 2020 alumni.

Youth Memories, starting from the admission notice of the video sand paintings, four years of life are vividly recorded: military training, first class meeting, first group building, first group photo, first drama festival, first sports meeting, The first time... too much, now it is a memory. Goodbye, African goose by Mingyang Lake; goodbye, the seafood street that we often visit; goodbye, the sea breeze blowing from the shore; goodbye, the ginkgo leaves that I caught in your book.

Wishing dreams, teacher Wang opened the dream wishing bottle that everyone promised in 2020 when they enrolled in 2016, read one by one memories to interact with everyone, feel everyone’s four years of growth and change, and witness the power of dreams and change together .

Parting from the last wish, after the performance of the adapted video "Dawai, Say No Goodbye" and the original song "Parting, Never Separating" specially written by our school's 18th-grade student Li Mingxin for the graduates, Mr. Dani conducted random interviews with the graduates In the interview, the graduates spoke freely, expressing their nostalgia for their classmates, gratitude to their teachers, blessings from their alma mater, and those unspoken words in their hearts.

Teacher's message, the leaders and teachers of the school carefully recorded the graduation message for the graduates. Teachers Liu Xin, Mina, Dani and Wang Jian sent graduation blessings to everyone on the scene, and wished each graduate a bright future.

The party ended in the school song "Set sail". Teacher Wang suggested that everyone should close their eyes and listen to the last school song again.

Goodbye, my bedroom; goodbye, my Russian Academy; goodbye, my Dawai ; goodbye my youth.

May the students of the Russian academy who are willing to enter the society choose to do well and stand up to the sun. Yesterday you came with your dreams, hone your wings; today you will be able to fight the sky, I wish you a happy graduation and a bright future! And listen to the breeze and wait for the blossoming. (Wang Jian Su Aijia Dumanguli)

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