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Online Translation Course of Order-Oriented Talent Training Class in 2020

Online Translation Course of Order-Oriented Talent Training Class in 2020

Recently, the online course of the order-based talent training class of the School of Advanced Translation And Interpretation of our school was successfully launched in 2020. The order-based talent training model is an "MTI order training plan" jointly organized and implemented by both the school and the enterprise. It provides specialized training on the professional qualities, job business knowledge, vocational technical skills, and corporate culture that are necessary for enterprise positions through pre-set courses. Qualified graduate students can enter the enterprise for internship. After the internship, students can have a chance to join the enterprise directly after two-way selection. The order-based talent training model is a truly innovative form of school-enterprise cooperation and a new way to connect with market demand.




Following the signing of the "corpus and language intelligence" order-type talent training agreement with Shanghai Youyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018, in 2019, our school and STI Software Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (SDL) and Baitong Star International Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (PetroStar) has signed an order-type talent training agreement, targeting graduate students and senior undergraduates of the Translation Institute of the Advanced Translation Institute to develop school-enterprise cooperation to jointly train translation talents. In 2020, the order-based talent training courses of SDL and PetroStar were launched at the same time, and the online courses of the two order classes on May 22 and 23, 2020 were successfully started.

The enterprise course of the localized order-type talent training project jointly carried out by our school and SDL was officially started online on May 22. In the first class, lecturers Wu Zhenguo, Zhao Ruiyang, and Fan Zhixin from the Translation Department of SDL Company introduced the current status of the translation industry, the concept of localization, and the actual operation of Trados software. The localized order lesson adopts a classroom model that combines translation learning and practice. It not only introduces translation aids such as Trados software into the classroom, it opens up the horizons of translation students, keeps pace with the development of the translation industry, and promotes the cultivation of applied talents. The social connection has cultivated more high-level translation talents that meet the requirements of the times for the regional social and economic development of the country.

Our school and PetroStar cooperated to develop an international engineering language service order-type talent training project with a total of 85 lessons, mainly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The teachers are Ju Chengtao, Wang Ruixiang, Zhao Tiefeng, and Zhang Yuxia. The four teachers will teach and explain to the students from five aspects: international engineering bidding management, cross-cultural communication skills, international engineering project contract management and risk analysis, international project management, and international project application writing. The first class of the International Engineering Language Service Order Class was officially started online on the morning of May 23rd. Teacher Wang Ruixiang gave an elaborate lecture on the language of the English business contract, explaining the characteristics and usages of standard vocabulary, standard phrases and standard long sentences.

Although the online teaching method was adopted for this order lesson, teachers and students were separated from each other by the cloud, it did not affect the teachers’ passion for lectures and students’ desire and pursuit of knowledge. The students expressed that they had a deeper understanding of the corporate culture of the two companies and also deeply realized the importance of applying what they have learned.

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