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The 3rd "The Most Qualified Liaoshen Translator Foreign Language Cloud Speech Contest" successfully held

The 3rd "The Most QualifiedLiaoshen Translator Foreign Language Cloud Speech Contest" successfully held

On June 30, the third "Liaoshen MostQualified Translator Foreign Language Cloud Speech Contest" hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Liaoning Province and undertaken by Dalian University of Foreign Languages ??came to a successful conclusion. This year's competition is a special period of "anti-epidemic". In order to meet the needs of "anti-epidemic" protection work, our school organized this contest in the form of cloud video for the first time. Seventy-six contestants from Liaoning Province's provincial agencies, municipalities' foreign offices, state-owned enterprises, Liaoning University, Shenyang Normal University and our school were divided into the Englishgroup of the Organization, the Japaneseroup of the Organization, the English Group of the University, and the Japanese Group of the University. By telling the story of anti-epidemic, celebrating the most beautiful retrogrades, and imagining the beautiful Liaoning, it shows good foreign language quality and solid business skills.





After fierce competition, Hong Zhuomin won thegrand prize in the college English group, Tang Li won the first prize, Wang Huaying won thegrand prize in the college Japanese group, Jin Qiuhong and Hong Xia won thefirst prize, Guan Wenjun and Wang Jiaping Won the second prize.

Ying Zhongyuan, Party Secretary and Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, President Liu Hong of our school sent wishes to the contest and the contestants via video! In his speech, Director Ying Zhongyuan stated that the "Liaoshen Translator's Foreign Language Speech Contest" has become a unique brand for the province's "Government, Industry, Research and Research" resource sharing, cooperation and co-construction to discover and cultivate outstanding foreign language talents. In the battle against the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, foreign language personnel and young college students on the foreign affairs front have carried out their original mission, demonstrated their responsibility, the unprecedented dedication of foreigners in their efforts to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development andYouthful character. It is hoped that the contestants will show good foreign language qualities and solid business skills through this competition, and show the true portrayal of "the most beautiful translator in Liaoshen".

Principal Liu Hong said in her congratulatory message that since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, a large number of foreign frontline translators and foreign language majors in our province have shown the precious spirit of fearlessness, courage, and selfless dedication in the epidemic , and many movingstories have emerged . It is hoped that through this competition, the foreign personnel and young students will be provided with a good platform to "tell the stories of combat epidemic disease and carry forward the spirit of anti-epidemic disease", and demonstrate the responsibility, spiritual outlook and national feelings of young people in the new era.

The contestants demonstrated the proactive attitude, courage, and perseverance of the foreign workers and college students in our province in the short 4-minute speech. The trend of the times and the trend of the will. In the future, excellent foreign language talents in Liaoning will continue to struggle for the revitalization of Liaoning! In the future, our school will also further improve the joint interactive working mechanism with the foreign affairs office on the existing basis. By continuously updating the cooperation concept, increasing cooperation, expanding cooperation channels, innovating cooperation models, and jointly building an information exchange platform, Liaoning region's economic and social development and the cultivation of high-end diplomatic and foreign affairs personnel provide intellectual support and organizational security.

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