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President Liu Hong visited the library, the School of International Relations and the School of Japanese Language

President Liu Hong visited the library, the School of International Relations and the School of Japanese Language

From September 1st to 2nd, President Liu Hong visited the library, the School of International Relations and the School of Japanese Language to inspect the work of the new semester, the Party and Government Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the Scientific Research Office, the Graduate Office, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Personnel Office, etc. The head of the department accompanied her for the inspection.






In the library, President Liu Hong listened to a report on the implementation of the library’s interactive space construction project, and learned in detail about the periodical newspaper open learning space, interactive learning space, music appreciation and multifunctional learning space, and library and information multimedia laboratory The functional characteristics and construction conditions of the reconstruction area, and the on-site inspection of the service functions of personalized furniture, interactive space, and space reservation system, fully affirmed the library reconstruction project, and proposed the next step of library cultural construction suggestions.

During the inspection of the School of International Relations, President Liu Hong listened to reports on the employment situation of the college's 2020 graduates, the introduction of talents, the application of the first-level discipline master program in political science, and the construction of the experimental class of global governance and international organization talent training. Regarding student employment, President Liu pointed out that for international relations majors, the employment model of "postgraduate entrance examination + going abroad" is not only a feature but also an advantage.

The college should broaden its thinking, tap the potential of big data in the new media era, and take advantage of the current new liberal arts construction to dare to make breakthroughs and innovate training models to lay a solid foundation for future employment of students. Encourage students to actively participate in the incubation project of the undergraduate entrepreneurship base and self-employment, and actively mobilize the enthusiasm of students.

Regarding the introduction of talents, President Liu Hong fully affirmed that the professional teachers of the School of International Relations have achieved 100% coverage of doctoral degrees, and suggested that appropriate consideration should be given to introducing suitable foreign teachers in the future to enrich the professional faculty. Finally, President Liu Hong and the participants jointly discussed the construction plan of the college's global governance and international organization talent training experimental class.

During the inspection of the Japanese Language Institute, President Liu Hong mainly listened to the college's "14th Five-Year Plan" professional construction, discipline planning, talent training, teacher team construction, international exchanges and other aspects of work, and reports on the preparations for the establishment of the Japanese research institute.

President Liu Hong pointed out that the school will vigorously support the reform and innovation of the Japanese Language Institute. He hopes that the school will rely on the Japanese Institute to be established to carry out professional reforms, continue to consolidate the foundation, highlight the characteristics of the college, clarify the development direction of the subject team, integrate subject resources, and establish scientific research benchmark.

The college has a large faculty team. It is necessary to introduce relevant policies to encourage young and middle-aged teachers to continue their studies, give full play to their subjective initiative, and improve the overall level of the Japanese Language Institute faculty. At the same time, the school will continue to vigorously support the college’s high-end talent introduction.

Finally, President Liu said that under the situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the Japanese Language Institute must have the courage to make breakthroughs and innovations, further deepen international exchanges and cooperation with Japanese universities, and promote internationalization of courses, scientific research, and international exchanges. The level of international exchanges has been continuously improved. At the symposium, participants also exchanged ideas on the revision of the college's master's training program, teaching reform, enrollment and employment, and internship practices. (Li Dianfeng)

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