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The School of International Education holds a conference for various project departments in the fall of 2020

The School of International Education holds a conference for various project departments in the fall of 2020

According to the annual work arrangement of the International Education College, in order to welcome the new semester and establish a new outlook, the International Education College held the "International Education College 2020" in the form of nailing videos for four consecutive days from August 31 to September 3 The Autumn Conference of Project Departments". The college attaches great importance to this event. Based on the preliminary research, all the leaders of the college, Dean Su Keke, Secretary Wang Junhui, Vice Dean Zhai Yunfeng, Director Sha Sha, and relevant business leaders all attended the meeting.

The project departments participating in this conference are: Lushun Campus Preparatory Study Project Department, TUFC Project Department, SQA Project Department, Adult Education Compound Training Project Department, University Online Project Department and Zhongshan Campus Preschool Department, Youth Department, Middle School Department, OSSD Project department, Japanese study abroad project department, overseas study business department, etc.

The talks were mainly conducted by the heads of each project department to summarize the current work of each department. They thanked the college for providing such a platform for exchanging ideas and building consensus. Facing the difficulties, problems and future development paths in the post-epidemic background, they made an analysis and hoped to get help from the college.

Among them, the problems of the various departments of the Lushun campus are concentrated on the shortage of student accommodation, how to strengthen student management, teaching management and other related issues; the problems of the various departments of the Zhongshan campus are concentrated on how to do a good job in the prevention and control of the Zhongshan campus, strengthening the brand promotion of each department and changing the school thinking , Using the online education platform to combine online and offline teaching and other related issues. The leaders of the college gave answers to the questions and difficulties raised by each department and made detailed discussions and solutions to the corresponding problems.

At the discussion meeting, Dean Su Keke proposed that under the special historical background affected by the epidemic at this stage, the International Education College, as a teaching unit directly under Dalian University of Foreign Studies, should still adhere to the premise of ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control work is done well. Open to the public, share development, innovate management, and serve the society". Relying on the two development platforms of Dawai International Education and Training Center and Study Abroad Center, integrate high-quality Chinese and foreign educational resources, build a wide range of social cooperation platforms, and practice "one-stop elites" market strategy of “cultivation, all-round customized services”, especially the college’s background in university teaching units, has given various projects a reputation advantage that is different from ordinary educational institutions in society. I hope that all project departments can unite and overcome the difficulties together, return to the original aspiration of education, adhere to the ideal of education, keep a clear head, and take concrete actions, not only waiting for the flowers to bloom, but also taking the initiative to meet new challenges together!

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