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School of Journalism and Communication launches fall back to school dormitory visits

School of Journalism and Communication launches fall back to school dormitory visits

To express deep concern for the students, at 3 pm on September 4, dean of the School of Journalism and Communication Zhang Hengjun, the secretary Ni Chunbo, t deputy dean Zhang Yan, and the secretary of the branch committee Song Lili came to the student dormitory to visit and send them heartwarming greetings and love.



During the visit, the teachers of the college enthusiastically helped the students who returned to school carry their luggage. At the same time, they praised the cleanliness of the dormitory, and encouraged the students to adapt to the school life as soon as possible with a positive attitude, set clear goals, and formulate learning plans and prepare well for the coming final exam.

In addition, the college teachers also emphasized wearing masks scientifically, strengthening their own safety, staying away from the project area, sticking to strict information reporting and screening systems, continuing to implement the college's five-level management mechanism of "daily reports" and "zero reports", and reporting abnormalities as soon as possible. Finally, the teachers of our college also expressed their caring for the students who were stranded in Enshi, Hubei during the epidemic, and the students whose parents were fighting on the front line of the epidemic. The students were deeply moved and inspired, and expressed their gratitude to the college for their kind care.

This dormitory visit not only reflects the college’s humanistic care for the students, but also allows the students to feel the warmth of home. At the same time, the college has a better understanding of the students’ living conditions and needs, and provides more protection and support for the students who return to school for study and life. Guarantee and support.

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