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The opening ceremony of the 31st "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest held in Dawai

The opening ceremony of the 31st "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest held in Dawai

On September 26, hosted by Dalian People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Canon Company and undertaken by Dalian University of Foreign Languages,the opening ceremony of the 31st "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest was successfully held at Dawai. An important part of the Sino-Japan Dalian expo series of activities.









Keiji Kamei, Chief Representative of the Consulate General Office of the Consulate General of Japan in Shenyang in Dalian, Michihiro Nakagawa, Acting Chairman of Canon Dalian Office Equipment Co., Ltd., Qingtao Yi, Secretary-General of Dalian Municipal People's Government, Liu Fang,Deputy Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government, Hu Bingxia Vice President of Dalian People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Zhao Yubao, Deputy Director of Dalian Education Bureau attended the opening ceremony. Liu Hong, the principal of the school, heads of relevant departments and representatives of teachers and students attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Cong Mingcai, the vice principal of the school.

In her speech, the principal Liu Hong expressed her gratitude to Dalian Municipal People’s Government for its long-term guidance and support for the development of the University and Canon’s efforts and dedication to the training of Japanese talents. She pointed out that since the "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest held in 1990, it has not only selected and cultivated a large number of outstanding Japanese talents, but also witnessed the continuous development of youth exchanges between China and Japan. It has also become the promotion of cultural understanding and friendly exchanges between China and Japan. For this Iconic event. As a participating and judging unit, Dawai has always actively participated. Up to now, there have been more than 20,000 contestants and have won gold medals in 28 competitions. She said that in the "epidemic" of the novel coronavirus , the exchanges and mutual support between the school and the Japanese friendly colleges embodies the spirit of mutual assistance of the Chinese and Japanese people to help each other and overcome difficulties together, and interpret the cooperation concept of a community with a shared future for mankind! Facing the new era of Sino-Japan relations, the school will train high-level applied Japanese talents with international perspectives and global governance capabilities as the training goal, continue to promote the international exchanges of academic research between China and Japan, and effectively improve the school’s service for Liaoning’s deepened exchanges with Japan and ability to provide talent and intelligence guarantee for the construction of the Sino-Japan Dalian Local Development Cooperation Demonstration Zone.

Secretary-General Yi Qingtao stated in his speech that the "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest has become the largest and most influential foreign language competition in the country. It has not only built a stage for Japanese enthusiasts to display their talents, but also inspired students and The enthusiasm of ordinary citizens to learn Japanese has cultivated and selected a large number of Japanese talents for Dalian's cooperation and exchange with Japan. The 30-year practice of the competition has greatly promoted the formation of an atmosphere of learning and using Japanese in Dalian, greatly enhanced Dalian's role as a window for opening up to the northeast region, and greatly enhanced the influence of Dalian University of Foreign Languages ??among many foreign language universities across the country. . He hopes that the "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest will "stand firmly in Dalian, cover the northeast, and march into the whole country."

Canon (China) Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO Hideki Ozawa said in the video that the speech contest has a long history, especially this year. The event not only overcomes the impact of the epidemic, but also serves as an important part of the 2020 China-Japan Expo. People are very pleased. Canon will continue to build bridges for the future of the next generation as its due mission. For the further development of Sino-Japan friendly relations, the competition will continue for a long time. Nakagawa Sanqianhao, the acting chairman of Canon Dalian Office Equipment Co., Ltd., said in his speech that the "Canon Cup" competition has the original intention to further deepen the exchange and understanding between the people of China and Japan. It has been held until now. He looks forward to the excellence of the performance by contestants, and wish them good results.

At the opening ceremony, Huang Yifeng, a teacher of the University of Foreign Languages, Chang Shuting, a graduate student, and Gao Qianye, a teacher of the Japanese Department of Dalian Maritime University, spoke as representatives of the gold medal winners of previous competitions; Song Xiaorui, a graduate student of the University of Foreign Languages, and Wang Hongyue, an undergraduate of the Business School The 30th competition winners presented a wonderful speech performance.

Witnessed by all the guests, teachers and students, Secretary-General Yi Qingtao, Principal Liu Hong, Mr. Keiji Kamei, and Mr. Michihiro Nakagawa jointly lit the kick-off ball, and the 31st "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest was officially held. The curtain pulls apart!

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