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Chinese Academy holds a volunteer work sharing meeting for serving the "Western Project"

Chinese Academy holds a volunteer work sharing meeting for serving the "Western Project"

At 19:00 on December 15, the volunteer work sharing meeting for serving the "Western Project" was held online by Chinese Academy. On-the-job "Western Project" volunteers of the Chinese College, Wu Hang, a 2019 Master of Chinese Language Education, and Liu Shuo, a graduate of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, a 2017 graduate of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, exchanged ideas and shared with the graduate students of the Chinese College.



Student Wu Hang introduced the "Western Project" in detail from the aspects of "Western Project" project introduction, volunteer selection conditions, selection process, matters needing attention, and volunteer policy guarantee. Based on his work experience and feelings in Tianquan County Medical Security Bureau, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, he suggested that school students should think ahead of what they will do in the future, and at the same time continue to enrich their resumes, do more scientific research projects, and actively participate in social practice. To do voluntary service, you must work hard, learn from the predecessors around you, and constantly explore in the work to adapt to the new working environment and various challenges.

Liu Shuo, who works in the Organization Department of the Tacheng Municipal Committee of Xinjiang, regards participating in the "Western Project" as precious experience in life. She shared her work experience and feelings with everyone. While doing a good job in party building, she was also actively engaged in the local Mandarin Office to promote party members and cadres and the masses in ethnic minority areas to learn Mandarin.

Liu Shuo said that it is very interesting to teach everyone to learn Mandarin in the Mandarin Office. Her dream is to become an excellent Chinese teacher. For this reason, she has been preparing lessons carefully. In class, she will tell everyone about the history and the evolution of Chinese characters, which are very popular among students. Liu Shuo said that the operation of society cannot be separated from anyone who does basic work. The work of grassroots civil servants is very important and hard. Doing such work will bring a lot of experience.

This year’s work experience will be her personal wealth. She welcomes more students to actively participate in the local education in Xinjiang. At the same time, she also made good suggestions that the college can establish a research team and form a team of graduate students to actively promote the popularization of spoken and written languages in minority areas.

Fang Kejia, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, summarized the meeting. She mentioned that the "CPC Central Committee on the formulation of the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and The "Proposals for the Long-Term Goals for 2035" clearly stated that the key tasks of "building a high-quality education system" should be strengthened, including the requirement of "improving the quality and level of education in ethnic areas and increasing the promotion of the national common language"

Postgraduates are high-end talents cultivated by the country. She hopes that students will cherish their youth and actively participate in the construction of the western part of the country through the "Western Plan", and contribute to the country's development and construction in the future, and live up to the expectations of the country and the nation.

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