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Gai Granted International Art Designing Award

Prof. Gai Yongcheng of DUFL was granted “International Art Designing Award” on the 9th Session of China International Architecture Decoration and Designing Art Exhibit in 2014 recently. Prof. Gai hosted the forum focusing on International Hotel/Club Designing and delivered a speech on decomposition and re-construction of space. This award is the highest credit in the area and the forum is co-sponsored by Sohu Focus, Sofang Net, America Indoor Net etc.


This exhibit is co-hosted by China Architecture Decoration Association, Art School of Tsinghua University, Industry Branch of CCPIT, and China Real Estate Associate, and backed up by Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, Liaoning Decoration Association, Zhejiang Decoration Association, Gansu Decoration Association, Tianjin Decoration Industry Association, Shenzhen Architecture Decoration Industry Association, China Illumination Association and China Architecture Industry Association. It is also recognized internationally with the following associations as France Interior Designing Association, Asian Architect Association, International Designing Art Union, as well as international societies and masters from countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Malysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The award targets on senior foreign designers, exclusive of the self-recommended candidates. The partnership associations and relevant societies can recommend the domestic prestigious designers for the application, with the ceiling capacity of 2-3 domestic designers.

Gai’s award is a further confirmation on the competence of the faculty of International Academy of Art, DUFL, and definitely a positive push for the future development of the school.

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