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32nd Annual Meeting of FLUG Held at DUFL

The 32nd Annual Meeting of Foreign Language University Group & High-endForum of theBelt and Road Education Campaign was held onOctober 28th.Over60 participantsfrom16 foreign language universities across the countrywere present at the forum including partysecretaries,presidents, anddirectors from administrative office, academicaffairsoffice, graduateoffice and discipline developmentoffice. DUFL Party secretaryLiu Ximing, President Liu Hong, vicepresidents Wang Weichen and Jiang Fengchun anddirectors of related departments attendedthemeeting.

Focusing on the themesof “Implementing the Belt and RoadEducationCampaign Promoted by Ministry of Education & TheResponsibility andMission ofForeignLanguageUniversities” and “TheIntegrationof ForeignLanguage Curriculum Building andTalentCultivationBased on the‘DoubleWorld-classes’ Strategy”, this annual meeting wasaimed at the realization of the vision in foreign language education and foreign language disciplineconstruction so as to steadily promote the connotative development ofcolleges and universities as well as the international competitiveness.

On behalf ofDalian University of Foreign Languages,party secretary Liu delivereda welcome address at theopening ceremony.He expressed that, the meeting sharedachievements and summarizedexperience on the developments of allforeign language universities and it wouldinject new vigor into the continuous development of theseuniversities.He stressed thatthe Belt and Road Initiative provided all foreign language universities a good opportunity formulti-language education.

Han Zhen, PartySecretary of Beijing Foreign Studies University, spoke at the meeting onbehalf ofalltheforeign language universities. He pointed out that,in the new era ofglobalization and the development of“big data”, well-developed education can better provide talents for the country and higher education reform should conform to the needs of time. Therefore as the home to theinternational talent cultivation,foreign language universities should strengthen the responsibility awareness.

Leaders from otherforeign language universities also expressed their ideas on the theme.After one day’sdiscussion and exchange, they reached agreement on four aspects:

Firstly, put great efforts on the service construction of Belt and Road and promote thedevelopments of first class disciplines on the national and provincial levels; emphasizeon theteaching andresearch on the non-foreignlanguage majors to promote mutual development among disciplines.

Secondly,advance thesupply-side reform and provide high level and compound foreignlanguage talents for the Belt and Road development.Foreign language universities and colleges shouldshareresources, combine thetraditional language teaching with the different cultures of the countries along the routes of theBelt and Road and pay attention to theinterdisciplinary teaching;improvestudents’ language competence as well as their cultural awareness.

Thirdly, speed the construction of multiple think tanks;enhanceresearch onthe nations and areas along the routeof B & Rto implement thenational policy and businesses'"Go Global" strategy.

Fourthly, enhance cooperation;makeuse of the platforms like theleague of presidents from globalforeign language universities.

LiuHong, president of DUFL, gave a conclusive speech at the closing ceremony. She said that the annual meeting had made fruitful achievementswith positive responses and strong supports fromthe16 foreign language colleges and universities thanks to theconference collaboration group responsible for organizing this conference.

Han Zhen,party secretary of BFSU, gave a speech at the closing ceremony. He said thatthe annual meeting was a great success with the support and cooperation of colleges and universities. On behalf of all the foreign language universities, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to DUFL for their thoughtful organization, enthusiastic reception and industriousefforts. He said that in the past 32 years, the university leaders had made arduous efforts in creating a platform and mechanism for the cooperation and exchange of foreign language colleges and universities. The Dalian Declaration of Foreign Language Colleges and Universities’ Joint Efforts in Promoting Educational Development withThe Belt and Road Initiative is a landmark achievement of the annual meeting. The Dalian Declaration will guide the foreign language colleges and universities to further cooperation and exchange,andcontribute their wisdom and project to cultivate of multi-lingual, inter-disciplinary, high-level and international talents for the need of this new era.

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