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The Expert Team of Translation Qualification Test Visit DUFL

TheExpertTeamofTranslationQualificationTest VisitDUFL

On March 14th,Chen Mingming, Former Ambassador ofChinato New Zealand and Sweden, Former Director ofTranslationDepartment of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Directorof theExpert Committee of EnglishTranslationTest, led a delegation to visit our University on how to further promote theintegration ofChina Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters(CATTI) and MTI education.The team included Yang Jianping, Deputy Director ofNationalTranslationTest and Appraisal Center,ChinaForeign Languages Publishing Administration,Jiang Ping and Zhao Weizhen.

At Nine, PartySecretary Liu Ximing and VicePresident Yang Junfengheld a conference with the expert team,accompanied by the relevantleaders of School of Advanced Translation and Interpretation (SATI). On the meeting, Ambassador Chen Mingming pointed out that MTIeducationhas made positive progress closely aroundthetrainingof practical translators,and has greatlyenhanced the competitiveness of graduates to a certain extent,thus meeting the needs of employer units. Yang Jianping introduced the development of CATTI test and a series of measures adopted in promoting the convergenceofCATTI certificate and MTI education in recent years.

PartySecretary Liu Ximingintroduced thehistory of the University,professors andteachers, personnel training,majorconstruction, foreign language and literature disciplinesoffirst-class key construction disciplines in Liaoning province, and put forwardinstructive suggestions inpromoting theconvergence oftranslation teachingand CATTI.VicePresident Yang Junfeng introduced the students in recent years participating in CATTI. Data showed that there had been yearly increase of enrollment number and pass rateinour English, Japanese, Russian andFrenchmajors inCATTI.

At 9:30,theCATTI forumwasheld in the main floor conference room 410. Vice President Yang Junfeng,GraduateStudentDirector Jiang Fengchun,leaders of SATI andMTI student representatives and experts of the CATTI examination conducted interactive exchanges. The two sides had an in-depth talk on future cooperation concerning the promotion of CATTI. At the forum, MTI students who have passed theSecond Levelof CATTIshared their experience in taking part in the test. In view of thequestions related to the test proposed by the teachers and students, the experts of the investigation group gave careful and detailed answers.

In the afternoon,the group of experts conducted in-depth exchanges in view of further strengthening the cohesion and promoting cooperation with theGraduate School, theTeaching Affairs Office and SATI. After that, the group investigated the hardware of translation teaching in our university, visited the Northeast Asia Research Center,InformationTechnologyCenter, Russian Center, translation laboratory and the translation base.

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