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President Liu Hong Attending the Third High-level Forum on Reform and Development of National College Foreign Language Education

On March 24, the Third High-level Forum onReform and DevelopmentofNationalCollegeForeign Language Education was held in Beijing,sponsored by BeijingForeign StudiesUniversity, Foreign Language and Literature Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education and College Foreign Language Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education. President Liu Hong led Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Research Administration,concerning leaders and some teacher representatives from the Chinese President’s office of Shanghai Cooperation and Organization University attending the forum.

The theme of this forum is “New Era New Talents NewStrategies”. Wang Dinghua,Director-General in charge of teachers’ affairs of the Ministry of Education andSecretary of CPC Committee of BeijingForeign StudiesUniversity, interpretedSuggestions for Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Teachers’ Team Construction in the New Era issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council in depth,navigating the construction of teachers’ team incolleges and the development of foreign language teachersin the new era. Xu Qingsen, deputy director of Higher Education Division of Ministry of Education, pointed out inthe report that thinking big,aspiring higher and serving greaterstrategy should be in need so as tocreate a brand new chapter of higher foreign languageeducation.

President Liu Hong presided over the Presidential Forum entitled “New Development Measuresfor CollegeForeign LanguageEducation in the New Era”. In the forum, shepointed out that localcolleges should operate collegesenjoying specialtiesby fullymaking the best use of regional advantages. We should try hard to explore the reform of internal management mechanism incolleges anduniversities by fully using of our present conditions. We should attempt to break the barriers between majors and schools to realize resource sharing andtocultivate diversified and individualized talents for national strategies and local economy. Based on regional advantages of northeast Asia, Dalian University of Foreign Languages serves national Belt and RoadInitiative and the local economy in Liaoning through giving its full play in international cooperation education strategy of the SCO university,striving to forgeDUFL into a high-end and application-oriented university offoreign languages. Taking advantages of thisgreatopportunityof attending the conference, President Liu Hong deeply discussed and communicated with presidents, experts andscholars from BeijingForeign StudiesUniversity, ShanghaiInternational StudiesUniversity, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, TianjinForeign StudiesUniversity, Xi’anInternational StudiesUniversity and SichuanInternational StudiesUniversity focusing on reform and development ofcollegeforeign languageeducation.

On behalf ofDUFL, professor Sun Yuhua attended the UMOOCS conference held in Beijing onMarch23. Asthe vice president of UMOOCS union, our school will share quality courseswith the platform and contribute education resources to national foreign languageeducation and servetheall-round improvement of national education quality through the platform. She summarized our paths and approachesto regional and national studies and talent cultivation andhighlightedthe significance of language communication and people-to-people exchange in the forumwith the theme of“International andRegional Studieson Belt and RoadInitiative” held onMarch 24. During the conference, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of ResearchAdministrationand other leaders of relevant departmentsof DUFL enjoyed professional communication with their counterparts from domestic universities.

As the only public university of foreign languages in northeast China, our school actively participates in the forum of development ofnational college foreign language education,closely following the steps ofnational strategic development and deepening the educational reform, which can help our talent cultivation to meet the needs not only of the construction ofsocialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era but also of the revitalization of northeast old industrial base and Liaoning’s revitalization and becoming an open gateway to northeast Asia.

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