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The 2018 Council Session and Alliance Forum of Liaoning

The Alliance Council Session and Forum will surely promote tOn the afternoon of June 13, the 2018 Council Session and Alliance Forum of Liaoning “One Belt, One Road” Cultural Exchange and Language Industry School-Enterprise Alliance was held in DUFL. Chairman of the alliance and president of DUFL, Liu Hong and vice-president of DUFL Cong Mingcai attended the session. Nearly 50 people from universities, enterprises and institutions in the alliance participated in the meeting.

As Chairman of “One Belt, One Road” Cultural Exchange and Language Industry School-Enterprise Alliance in Liaoning, Liu Hong delivered her remarks at the meeting. She pointed out that at present, Liaoning Province is in urgent need of pooling more resources to transform the development mode and adjust the industrial structure through establishing the school-enterprise alliance. The alliance should seize the great opportunity of a new round of reform and opening up in the country and Liaoning Province, combine the “One Belt, One Road”, “Chinese culture going out” Strategy and the construction of a discourse system with Chinese characteristics, actively integrate into the overall economic development in Liaoning, and greatly promote the school-enterprise cooperation in the fields of talent cultivation, scientific research, discipline construction and serving the society, etc.

At the meeting, the candidate for the new Vice-Chairman of the Alliance was voted through and the candidate for the Secretary-General of the Alliance Secretariat was adjusted; the “Administrative Measures for the Expert Committee of the Liaoning ‘One Belt, One Road’ Cultural Exchange and Language Industry School-Enterprise Alliance” was approved; candidates for the expert committee of the Alliance were decided. At the meeting, representatives from DUFL, along with those from Dalian Ocean University, Liaoning University, Liaoning Normal University, and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, signed the 2018 key work agreement of the Alliance. Six experts and representatives from universities and enterprises delivered their speeches in the alliance forum. The forum has provided a rare opportunity for mutual learning and exchanges between universities and enterprises. he innovation of the future school-enterprise alliance system and mechanism, making greater contributions to the economic and social development of Liaoning Province.

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