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President Liu Hong Called on the Director General of CSC

On June 28th, 2018, President Liu Hong of Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DUFL) made a special trip to call on Mr. Sheng Jianxue, the Director General of the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to discuss the further cooperation between CSC and DUFL. Mr. Sheng, Mr. Li Xin, the Director for European Affairs and Mr Han Yue, the Director of Oriental Center for International Education Exchange gave the President and her team a warm reception.

At the meeting, President Liu Hong introduced the three newly-establish majors: Polish, Kazakh, and Ukrainian in DUFL, which were started under the context of “One Belt One Road” initiative and “16+1 Cooperation” between China-Central and Eastern Europe. DUFL has established exchange and cooperation with two Polish universities with the intention of better preparing students for increasimg economic growth with eastern European nations.

Mr. Sheng praised the progress that DUFL has made in developing foreign language majors, gave full recognition of DUFL’s development strategies, and offered constructive advice for the talent-cultivation-frame. He also said that more support from CSC will be given to the foreign language education at DUFL.

The meeting concluded with an Agreement for Cooperation Framework which was signed by CSC and DUFL, under which a preparation center for students going abroad will be built. The Oriental Center for International Education Exchange and the International Training Institute of DUFL will jointly conduct a program: Top University Foundation Course (TUFC).

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