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SATI Teachers Working as Simultaneous Interpreters

Teachers from School of Advanced Translation and Interpretation, Fang Ju and Chen Jing, worked as Simultaneous Interpreters for three different international conferences from June to August: “Round Table Dialogue Between Global 500 and China Top 500 Private Enterprises”, “Liaoning-Fortune Global 500 Economic and Trade Symposium” and “Promotion Conference for Economic Cooperation and Friendship Between China Liaoning and Central and Eastern European Countries”.

The conferences were great missions for these two dedicated young ladies who participated in a dozen conferences and symposiums over the years. Each time they were called upon, they knew that they would be faced with new challenges. Yet, every task was finished with many commendations from the sponsors and organizers.

Over the years, the university has been exploring new paths towards the training of multilingual, international, innovative professional translators and interpreters with practical skills, in order to serve the national need for promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and developing regional economy. To encourage teachers to take part in important international activities is one instance to meet such needs to enhance their translating competence.

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