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DUFL Conference of International Exchange and Communication Held

Dalian University of Foreign Languages Conference of International Exchange is held on September 19, 2018 in the Conference Room 609 Chenzhi Building, attending the meeting are President Liu Hong, Vice President Jiang Fengchun, Discipline Inspection Commission Chairman Tang Erli, Vice President Cong Mingcai, Vice President Chang Junyue, Publicity Department Director Zhang Jiao, Chief Accountant Jin Chuanyi, and all the mid-level cadres.

The first move consists of exchanging and sharing of experience and practice among departments and institutes. The themes of department communication include: “The Fruitful Past and The Challenging Future” by Dean of Japanese School, Yu Fei, “Strengthening International Exchange, Cultivating International-Oriented Graduates” by Vice Dean of English School, Lv Chunmei, “Building a High-level International Cooperation Platform, Promoting the Training of International Talents of Russian Majors” by Dean of Russian School, Ren Xuemei, “Changing Conceptions to Serve Staff and Students, Creating New Prospect for International Exchanges” by Party Secretary of Software School, Xie Guangyi, “Forging Solidarity to Build Internationalized Administration Atmosphere" by Dean of Spanish-Portugal Language School, Ren Ni, and all the cadres shared the achievements, methods, characteristics of the practices and experiences in their international exchanges of the departments and majors in the past three years.

Vice President Jiang Fengchun delivers a report of foreign affairs entitled “Deepening Exchanges and Cooperation and Strengthening Coordination and Innovation to Build a New Pattern of International Exchanges”. The report makes a comprehensive review and in-depth analysis of the international exchanges in terms of cooperation network, talents cultivating, staff training, state-sponsored study- abroad, curriculum construction, academic exchanges, campus construction, politico-academic cooperation, Confucius Institute and college cooperation of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the three years from 2015 to 2018. In view of the trend of the internationalization of higher education and the opportunities and challenges in the future, he pointed out that foreign affairs work of the University in the next stage will be centered on the strategy of serving the internationalization and opening up of higher education, adhering to the aim of improving the quality of personnel training, improve the cooperation and sharing mechanism. We should strive to internalize resources to build an international education system that integrates student mobility, faculty training, discipline and major construction and academic research, enrich meaning of internationalization process, and improve the quality of internationalization of higher education in a comprehensive way. We should further strengthen our efforts in foreign affairs work in five aspects: firstly, we should strengthen the consciousness of internationalized education and consolidate the construction of one pillar and two wings; secondly, we should take curriculum construction as the pivot to form a proper international talents training system; thirdly, we should strengthen international scientific research cooperation and academic exchanges, and fourthly, we should promote two-way study-abroad in an orderly way. Fifthly, we should strengthen the construction of Confucius Institute and Chinese Language Promotion Base to spread the Chinese culture. Through unified understanding within the University, deepening exchanges and cooperation, and strengthening collaborative innovation, we will effectively improve the level of internationalization of personnel training and scientific research, accelerate the construction of high-level applied foreign language university, and serve for the national “Belt and Road” Initiative and regional social and economic development.

President Liu Hong makes a keynote speech entitled "Promoting the Level of Internationalized Education in an All-round Way, Serving the Construction of a High-quality, distinctive and High-level Applied Foreign Language University". She points out that, in the new situation, higher education requires that the construction of internationalized education should keep pace with the times, and innovate and develop in terms of quality and connotation. In order to better implement the 13th Five-Year Plan for the internationalization of our university, to implement the conception of one body and two wings, to further enhance the connotation and quality of internationalized education and the competitiveness of the University in the field of higher education in China, four requirements have been put forward in the foreign affairs work. Firstly, we should improve our understanding of the importance of internationalized education in our work. Higher education should keep pace with the concept and pace of opening up to the outside world and train a large number of international and applied talents for the new era. Secondly, we should learn from colleges with high educational internationalization level. At present, the development of Confucius Institutes of DUFL ranks first in the provincial institutions and seventh in the national institutions. The development of Confucius Institutes has proved that if we can learn to grasp opportunities and form our own characteristics, we can surpass in all aspects. Thirdly, we should effectively implement the core work in internationalized education. Through strengthening the study of international communication, we should establish an all-round and all-involved international education system to guide students’ growth, and guide each student to realize their value of life during their study. Fourthly, we should enhance the international level of disciplinary development and faculty building. The University and relevant departments should strengthen top-down design and construction of teaching staff, and ensure that the internationalization serves the disciplinary development. We should study international exchanges regularly, take the problem-orientated approach, and put international exchange and communication as important performance appraisal indicators. In conclusion, President Liu emphasize that the in the international exchange and communication, we should be more future-oriented, enthusiastic and responsible. The first priority of higher education is to cultivate students with high moral integrity and talents. All of the staff should be well-prepared for the inspection of the Provincial Party Committee and the undergraduate teaching appraisal in the internationalization of education. (Di Zhenyu)

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