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Uruguay Art Exhibition Opens on Campus

Uruguay art exhibition opened on campus as part of the celebration of 30-year friendship between China and Uruguay. The opening ceremony was held at the art museum of International Academy of Arts on Sept. 26. Attending the ceremony are Juan Fernando Lugris Rodriguez, Uruguay ambassador to China, Guan Limin, concierge director of information services of Dalian Foreign Affairs and Liu Hong, President of DUFL. Over 100 faculty and students were present at the ceremony.

The works of art on display are from 32 Uruguay contemporary artists representing a variety of artistic expression of history, culture and art. The artistic creations include oil painting, woodcut and photography. The exhibition will last till Oct. 15.

President Liu thanked the Ambassador for choosing DUFL as the venue for the exhibition and said that it’s a good opportunity for the Chinese teachers and students to learn about Uruguay and her culture. In return, the Ambassador expressed his wish to further enrich cultural and artistic exchanges between the two countries to achieve a better understanding of each other’s cultures.

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