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Party Secretary Liu Ximing led a delegation to visit Australia and New Zealand

From November 13th to 20th, Party Secretary Liu Ximing led a delegation to Australia and New Zealand,visiting four universities including the University of Wollongong, the Western SydneyUniversity, the Queensland University of Technology and the Auckland University.The two sides reached cooperative intentions on strengthening professional teaching, teacher training, scientific research , cultural exchanges and otherareas, and achieved many positive results. The relevant principals of theSchool of Advanced Translation and Interpretation and School of Business accompanied theSecretary.

On November 14th, the delegation visited the University of Wollongong. During the visit,Professor Alex Frino, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Strategy) extended warm welcome to Secretary Liu Ximing and his delegation. The two sides reachedintentions on the cooperation in the short-term exchanges of students, mutual visits of teachers, and researches on international relations. Next year, the students from our School of Software Engineering will beon relevant programs.

On November 15th, the delegation visited the Western Sydney University, whose translation research level is in the leading position in Australia, especially in the field of subtitle translation. The two sides had in-depthcommunication, and reached cooperativeintentions on the short-term exchangesbetween students majoring in translation and business. In addition,Professor Yi-Chen Lan, Vice-Chancellor (Global Development) of theuniversity has planned to lead a delegation to visitDUFL in March next year and sign an inter-university cooperation agreement.

From November 16th to 17th, the delegation visited Queensland University of Technology and signed an inter-university exchange and cooperation agreement. During the visit,Professor Susan Street AO, Executive Director attended the meeting. In February next year, thestudents fromour School of Culture and Communication and School of Business willgo toQUT to participate in the exchange programs. At the same time,the university will also send students to ourDUFL to learn Chinese language and culture.

From November 18th to 19th, the delegation visited the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Professor Jennifer Dixon, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Engagement) met with the delegation. Based on the original cooperation agreement between the two universities, this visitexpanded the cooperation interms ofEnglish language and literature, translation, business, computer science, international relations,media and other professional fields. In February next year, our university is going to send students to the University of Aucklandforthis program.

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