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French Language Department Launched the First Communist Party School Training Session with an Educational Activity

On the afternoon of November 21st, the CPC General Branch of French Language Department initiated an educational activity on the theme of “Remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind”, and held the opening ceremony of the first Party School training session. More than 40 party members, potential members participated in the activity, who visited the Lvshun Museum and a patriotic education base – the historical site of Lvshun Japanese and Russian Prison.

At the opening ceremony of the Party School, Cai Yun, Secretary of the Party General Branch, congratulated tostudents who would begin their study at the first training session. She also put forward her expectations to all the participants, hoping that the training members could aim high and forge ahead to be a youth with diligent actions and advanced theories, possessing the outstanding qualities of Party members and becoming part of the Communist Party as soon as possible.

Then, the teachers and students began to visit the Lvshun Museum and the historical site of Lvshun Japanese and Russian Prison. The exhibits of the museum ignited their passion to learn from the history, which further confirmed their faith to take the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics led by the Communist Party of China. At the historical site, teachers and students learned that the Communists of the elder generation in jail never stopped their struggle for a better future and expressed their infinite loyalty to the Party even though they were brutally tortured by Japanese aggressors. They left solemn poems on the prison walls to show their unyielding integrity and set up a party branch under the surveillance of the Japanese invasion army to extend a gleam of hope in the darkness.

Lvshun is a place which has witnessed the modern history of China and the sacred sacrifice of numerous Chinese Communists for their descendants. Here, the heroic deeds of the martyrs impressed the teachers and students deeply. The peaceful life today is so priceless because it is built by the blood of the elder-generation Communists, and we have every reason to cherish it. We should strictly abide by the Party Constitution and play the vanguard role as a Communist Party member. We will remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind, and contribute our share to the construction of the Party and the country in the new era.

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