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The Ninth "New Oriental Cup” Career Planning Competition Held at DUFL

The campus final of the Ninth Career Planning Competition of DUFL, "New Oriental Cup", was held in the Library Report Hall on the afternoon of November 21. Eight contestants from eight departments competed in the final.With the distinctive features of “promoting practice with competition and promoting learning with competition”, this competition lasted nearly 2 months and was divided into 2 phrases at the department level and the campus level respectively. And the participants are sophomores who have just completed the career planning course.

The final competition is morepractice-oriented. The off-campus judges come fromsix companies in four fields, which enable students to get the guidance from the real job market. And the competition is sponsored by the Admission and Employment Office, undertaken by the Education Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and co-organized by all departments and Student Employment and Career Development Federation. This competition has integrated class activities with extracurricular activities and promoted students’ career planning at both the department and campus level.

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