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Professor Zhou Lingshun from Yangzhou University gave a lecture at DUFL

For the goal of developingDUFL’s academic researches,especially in the field of translation study, Professor Zhou Lingshun from Yangzhou University was invitedby the School of English Studiesto give three different lectures on November 21st and 22nd, which attracted more than 100 teachers and students.

On the first morning, Professor Zhou delivered a lecturenamed “Topic Selection · Demonstration · Research from a Bachelor to a Doctor”at the Irish research center of the School of English Studies.He regarded bachelor, master and doctor as knowledge receiver, knowledge thinker and knowledge practitioner, which was further explainedthrough a vivid example.He claimed that a student should make perfection more perfect and have an interdisciplinary concept when doing a research.

In the afternoon, Professor Zhou gave another speech with the theme “How todesign researchesfromthe View ofSocial Science Projects”. He mainly analyzed the problems whichteachers needed to pay attention to when applying for social science projects from four aspects. He argued that the research methods should be feasible and operational, the topic selection should benovel and the preliminary resultsshouldprove its own strength. Finally, Professor Zhougave suggestionsto several teachers combined with his own experience and answeredtheir questions patiently.

On 22nd, Professor Zhoudelivered his third academic lecture—“Prospect of the Heated Issues of Translation Studies”. He believed that translation studiespossess a critical nature, andfurtherdivided translation criticism into three stages. Later, Professor Zhou elaborated on the key points of translation studies from three aspects. Finally, he analyzedsome hot issues fromthe angle ofproject application, and proposedpotentialresearch types and the future direction of translation criticism.

In the end, Professor Huo Yuehong, director of the Multilingual Translation Centerof DUFL,made a summary. Professor Zhou impressedallthe teachers and students withhis wonderful lectures,providing them with broader academic horizons andmoreresearch enthusiasm.

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