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The Third International Seminar on “Russia-China Bilateral Cooperation and Regional Exchanges “Ends in Novosibirsk of Russia

On November 2 local time, the Third International Seminar on "Russia-China Bilateral Cooperation and Regional Exchanges" sponsored by the Novosibirsk state government and DUFL's Confucius Institute in Russia opened in the conference hall of Novosibirsk state government. President Liu Hong was present at the opening ceremony together with several Novosibirsk state government leaders, university teachers and students from both China and Russia; experts and scholars, the faculty and students of Novosibirsk State Technical University, and the faculty of the Confucius Institute in DUFL attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was hosted by the first deputy governor of Novosibirsk, during which representative of Russian Foreign Ministry in Novosibirsk Н.А. said in the speech that Novosibirsk had established friendly relationships with 5 Chinese cities and practical cooperation had also been launched in economy, politics, science, education and other sectors by both sides.

At the plenary session,An Lihong, deputy dean of the Russian Department from DUFL made a speech together with other Chinese and Russian experts.

The two-day International Seminar on “Russia-China Bilateral Cooperation and Regional Exchanges” had two sessions. The theme for one was “The Present and future of China-Russia Co-operation” and the theme for the other was “Language and Culture for a Stronger Bilateral Cooperation".

The closing ceremony was held atNovosibirsk Expo Centre on November 3 local time, President Liu Hong attended this ceremony withRussian director of the Confucius Institute and Chinese director Wang Chanjuan.

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