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The "Dream Realization" Exhibition in DUFL

The School for Software Engineering of DUFL invited the staff of Dalian Modern Museum on November 28th to hold an exhibition titled "Dream Realization—from Ironclads of the Beiyang Navy in the Qing Dynasty to Today's Fleet of Aircraft Carriers" on DUFL's main campus in Lvshun. Zhang Jiao, member of the Standing Committee of the Party and director of the Publicity Department of DUFL, was present. Over 5000 faculty and students visited the exhibition.

Guided by the spirit of Chinese President Xi Jinping's series of important speeches on realizing the Chinese Dream of national revitalization and the dream of building a powerful military, the exhibition showed us the development of the Chinese navy over the past century, particularly in four periods: the two Opium Wars, the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, the first few years after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 and the modern era.

Through the exhibition, students learned about the historical link between Dalian and the Chinese navy, and deeply understood the significance of building a strong modern navy. Having seen the powerful People's Liberation Army Navy and aircraft carriers, they were proud of the strength of China and the revitalization of the Chinese nation, and said they were lucky to live in such a new era. They also pledged to integrate their world outlook, life outlook and values into the realization of the Chinese Dream and the noble cause of socialist construction.

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