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A Political Talk to Students by Wang Dongmei

Wang Dongmei, Party Secretary of the School of English Studies, talked to all the students at the Party School November 28th, focusing on “strengthening ideals and beliefs of the Party, and striving to become a qualified candidate.”

The talk was lively and humorous. She cited examples and anecdotes from Chinese and foreign history to exemplify the advanced nature of CPC. The talk was interwoven with interactions with the participants who were active in expressing their motives in joining the Party. She called on the students to firmly stick the Party’s ideological and political ideals and guided them to discipline themselves in their learning and daily activities.

In the talk, Wang Dongmei further clarified the question of “why one should join the Communist Party of China” and she said one should join the Party whole-heartedly, not just in words, but in action. All the candidates should be very clear of the original mission of the CPC.

This talk is the last one of the whole series of lectures for the students at the Party School set up for the School of English Studies. Wang’s talk is significant in that it will improve the quality of the Party membership.

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