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Creative and Imaginative: Notes on the Third Career Planning Day on Campus

The third career planning day was activated on campus in order to help the students enhance their competitiveness on the labor market and to guide them to plan for their career in a more practical way. This activity will last from September to November.

The service is mainly provided by faculty members and the students themselves from the various schools and departments on campus. This event is designed to engage students to participate with the aid of online tools in the following four areas: career planning, career development consulting, demonstration of career exploration and career planning contest. 46 on-campus career consultants provided "one-to-one" career development counseling for 2,192 enthusiastic students, easing 58 types of different problems students encountered. During this period, 42 experienced teachers inside and outside the university delivered lectures, attracting over 2,500 interested students.

As an encouragement to their excellent work and devotion of time and energy, three schools were awarded as best organizers. They are School of Japanese Studies, School of English Studies and School of Cultural Communication.

Starting from 2016, the Career Planning Day has become an annual event and it has become a big welcome to senior students.

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