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Party Leaders?Visit?the?Selected Cadres in the Rural Community

From July to November, Secretary of the Party Committee Liu Ximing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee andPresident Liu Hong, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Weichen paid visits to the villages where the well-selected cadres of DUFL served as local staff, and sent them the deep concerns and good wishes from the students and the faculty. They conducted an in-depth survey of their work and life, and had discussions with local officials.

Following the call by the Provincial Party Committee, 15 cadres in DUFL were selected to go to 15 poor villages in 8 cities in March and May this year. Sound progress has been made in this period.In order to enhance communication on policy, fund and program, address practical problems and promote the implementation of our poverty alleviation work, party leaders visited several villages in the city of Anshan, Yingkou, Fushun, Tieling and other four cities in Liaoning province, extending our regards to the 15 selected-cadres. The party leaders also sent some daily necessities to the local people as well as laptops and study books to selected cadres.

Party leaders made field visits to each village for more details about the living and ideological condition of selected cadres, and listened to their work report on party building, targeted measures to alleviate poverty, and rural revitalization and the like.They went into deep discussion with local party and government officials about how to give full play to the characteristics of our school's disciplines and talents in order to carry out our work. The party leaders said they would spare no efforts to support selected cadres’ work in line with the policy, and hoped the cadres could carryforward school spirit and contribute themselves to rural revitalization and the fight against poverty.

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