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Deputy to the National People's Congress, President Liu Hong attended the second session of the 13th National People's Congress

The second session of the 13th National People's Congress was held in Beijing on March 5. LiuHong, NPC deputy and President of our school attended the meeting. During the meeting, with the great trust from the teachers and students of Liaoning people and Dalian University of Foreign Languages, she was devoted to the hot and difficult issues in the field of science and education and social concern, earnestly performed her duties and actively participated in the political discussion.

PresidentLiusubmitted to congress about the "support the northeasternuniversity with Ph.D programs as the core to develop double first class schools. Suggestions for perfecting legal advice onemployed management of foreign teachers inour country's colleges and universities", "Suggestions for perfecting social science project labor management system", "merging of comprehensive social security card, health card function, promote health information sharing advice" and "about accelerating army replacement production inthe Dalian Lushun sun ditch . The proposed content has been reported by many media, and has produced good social repercussions.

On March 5, after listening to the prime ministerLiKeqiang's government work report,President Liu said the reporthas reflected XiJinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new age and the decision deployment ofCPC , highlights theinnovation theme of restart in reform and opening up, showing the development of the thought of "people centered" and "people-based" governing idea,whichis arealistic and pragmatic report.

Against the government work report in 2019, better utilize international and domestic two resources, two markets firmly grasp the development of the initiative, she said, our province should seize the current important opportunity, combine with the "Belt and Road" construction, let the province enterprises go out and participate in international competition in the market, at the same time, utilize environmental advantages and industrial advantages to attract foreign to come in andform a pattern of highstandard and opening up.

At the same time, the report proposed to continue to promote the flow of goods and factors of the open, paymore attention to rules and other institutional opening, with a high level of openness to promote the comprehensive deepening of reform. Liu said domestic enterprises should step up their efforts in scientific and technological innovation and gradually shift from working in accordance with international standards to being able to lead and set standards.

Each local enterprise should combine the actual situation, according to the different industrial needs of different cities, find the correct positioning, hold the finger into the fist, focus on the force. At the same time, she suggested that colleges and universities in the province should also adapt to the development needs, strive to carry out the supply-side structural reform of talents, actively cultivate high-level talents needed by the industrial development ofLiaoning province, and improve the quality and ability of talent cultivation.

On the afternoon of March 12, ZhaoLeji, member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and secretary of the CPC central commission for discipline inspection, attended the meeting of the Liaoning provincial delegation. PresidentLiu Hong spoke asLliaoning team representative

President Liu introduced the achievements of higher education in Liaoning province and teachers and the students' study andthe implementation of theXi Jinping'sideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of 19th NPC , to "strengthen teachers' professional morality" construction as the breakthrough point, to carry out the party construction and ideological and political work, enhance the leading of value and the thought of theyoung students'.

As a foreign language university, Liu said wewill actively perform the mission of our country by expanding opening up andco-building the common body of human destiny. accomplish "the Belt and Road" development task and the need of participating in global governance, actively combine Liaoning revitalizing into meeting the need of more opening up,makeefforts to develop "multilingual +" international, compound and applied talents and make a new contribution for northeast China, especially in the revitalization of Liaoning.

In the future work, the school will take general secretaryXi's "philosophy and social sciences is bacon, casting the soul of the work" as the new requirements through "ethics" strengthening of the whole process of construction and personnel training, through ideological party construction work process, to carry out the Chinese traditional culture education, patriotism education, and the Chinese and foreign cultural understanding and communication education, really solve the problem of training people for who.

The university will continue to give full play to its disciplinary advantages, do a good job in the multilingual translation research and international communication ofXiJinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, andgainsocial science achievements with Chinese style and Chinesefeature.

We will strive to buildDUFLinto a beautiful and splendid name card of Chinese culture, a three-dimensional and integrated publicity window, and a high-end and high-quality platform for people-to-people exchanges between China and foreign countries.Based on the service to the nation's overall reform and opening up and the construction of Liaoning province ,We will take root in China,in Liaoningto set upuniversities, cultivate more excellent socialist builders and successors, and do a good job inestablishing a socialist foreign language university with Chinese characteristics.

At the end of her speech, PresidentLiu put forwardsuggestions on strengthening the construction of discipline quality standards and further strengthening the "supervision and service" of the evaluation work of granting the right to doctor's degree based on the preliminary research and herown work.

Zhao leji, a member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the communist party of China central committee and secretary of the central commission for discipline inspection, asked the comrades of the state ministries and commissions participating in the discussion to take back the opinions andsuggestions put forward in the deputies' speeches for careful study before making a speech.

As a deputy to the National People's Congress, PresidentLiuHong always adheres to the principle of conscientiously performing her duties, exercising her rights as a delegate in accordance with the law, and carefully preparing her suggestions on the basis of extensive research. 19 2018 principal respectively to Shenyang, and Dalian,Yingkou, Liaoning province, cafta construction in Jinzhou district of Dalian seven hill street rural revitalization of new achievements, toChaoyang school mastering in a county three village poverty alleviation situation, took part in the work on the second circuit court of the supreme people's court, the people's court for execution in Dalian on hard work, positive and school in Dalian cityLushunkou district people's congress, keep in touch and listen to Lushun’s opinions andsuggestions.

During the conference,President Liu acceptedthe interview bytheGuangming daily, economic daily, the rule of law journal, Liaoning daily, China education television,Liaoning TV station, Dalian television. Shefully demonstrates the good image of higher education workers, to promote theLiaoning from all walks of life and the new achievements in higher education, also introduce and promote the education of Dalian university of foreign languages in the new historical period of new achievements. PresidentLiuHong said that after the two sessions, the spirit of the two sessions will be brought back to the school, for the domestic and international linkage and opening up to train higher level talents needed in all fields. (LiDianfeng)

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