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Our school has been approved 7 general projects of humanities and social science research by the ministry of education

Recently, according to the notice of the social science department ofMinistry ofEducation on the establishment of the general project of humanities and social science research in 2019, 7 projects of our school have been approved, the highest number of approvals ever, covering disciplines such as linguistics, literature, marxism and art.

The approved projects include 3 planning fund projects, 3 youth fund projects and 1 special task project (research on the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics). Among them, the special task project was approved for the first time in our school. The project was approved for 100 projects in China and only 2 projects in liaoning province were approved. (Philip lee)






Study on the literary circles of banishment officials and guards in Ming dynasty

Planning fund projects

Sun Mingcai


Research on the translation of political discourse in the new era and the construction of national language competence

Planning fund projects

Huo Yuehong


The diachronic evolution of "role language" based on Japanese modern language corpus

Planning fund projects

Qi Fuding


The study of danto's philosophy of art from the perspective of philosophical hermeneutics

Youth fund project

Luo Qiaojuan


A comparative study of language planning and language policy from the perspective of higher education in the three maghreb countries

Youth fund project

Zhang Jingshu


A study on historical materials of new poems in Christian newspapers of the republic of China (1917-1949)

Youth fund project

Xue Yuanyuan


Research on the cultural construction path of the community with a Shared future for mankind

Special task project for humanities and social science research (research on the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics)

Sun Fan

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