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The students of the college of English won the third prize in the finals of "21st century ? Coca-Cola cup" national English speech contest

On March 24, the final stage of the 24th China Daily "21st century ? Coca-Cola cup" national English speech contest concluded atHangzhou international expo center. Li wenxuan, a 2017 student fromCollege of English of our school, won the third prize of this competition and the special award of Coca-Cola China "Zai Hu Li"confered by the sponsor.

Li wenxuandid an excellent job in theprevious quarter final in liaoningarea .As the runner-up,He successfully made himselfqualiied for the final, a valuable opportunity to compete ona nationwide stage.

China Daily's "21stCenturyCup" national English speech contest is sponsored by China Daily and organized by 21st century English education media. This national top classic competition was founded in 1996 and is held annually for students and young people in primary schools , middle schools and colleges across the country.

Since its establishment, the competition has been the only official selection competition in China for the international public speaking competition (IPSC) held in London every may. Since 2010, when the college of English participated in the competition for the first time, a number of students have won the provincial championship, runner-up, first prize and manyotherawards, showing theextraordinary language proficiency and speech talentd ofourstudents in the finals of nationwide level. (Benjamin wong)

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