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Polish teachers of our school participated in the teaching workshop of polish embassy in China

The second "national polish teachers' workshop" was held at the embassy of the republic of Poland in Beijing on April 7th and 10th. The teaching workshop was sponsored by the Cultural Department of Embassy of Poland, Mrs Isabella (Izabella Zaj ? czkowska) wife of Poland's ambassador to China, gave strong support for activity. Experts from Warsaw University and Jacellon university in Poland and more than 30 polish language teachers from 14 universities in China attended the workshop.

The four-day workshop is mainly a meet-and-greet event. On the first day of the opening ceremony, Poland's ambassador to China, Mr.Sai Xijun (Wojciech Zaj ? czkowski), the director of culture department MaZhiwei (Jan Jerzy Malicki), the wife of the ambassador Isabella (Izabella Zaj ? czkowska) and Beijing foreign studies university professor Li Jun yi first has made the conference speech. Afterwards, foreign teachers from domestic universities shared their experiences in polish major construction.

Beata, a foreign teacher of our school, introduced in detail the construction status and achievements of polish major in our school in the aspects of curriculum construction, talent training, teacher construction and international exchange. The second day was a special lecture for polish experts. Foreign teachers in our school Beata combined with her own teaching experience to share the polish important grammar and pronunciation teaching concept.

The third day is a demonstration class for foreign teachers. All demonstration classes are completed with the cooperation of polish majors.

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