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Italian and Arabic department held experience exchange meeting

On the afternoon of April 14, the Italian and Arabic department held the "exchange meeting on overseas study experience", some students from the class of 2017 and class of 2018 attended the exchange meeting.

Six students from grade 2015 who studied in Algeria, Sudan and Italy shared their experiences and feelings of studying abroad as the keynote speakers. Through photos and video, they give a vivid and detailed introduction of the countries where they study, and introduce the differences between domestic and foreign learning. They encourage the students present to seize the opportunity to study abroad, broaden their horizons and exercise their language skills. Six students answered the questions raised by the students.

The experience exchange meeting enhanced students' understanding of the life of studying abroad which also answered the most concerned questions of the students who are going to study abroad, and made more students clear about their academic plans and development plans. (Wang Hao)

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