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The Korean Language School's teacher quality course is on the learning platform of “Learning Power”

In order to meet the needs of national development and serve the needs of the country's “One Belt, One Road” talent training, the “Learning for Power” learning platform of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee set up a sub-column of “Chinese Foreign Languages in the Foreign Languages” section on April 22nd. In the sub-column, a selection course under the “One Belt, One Road Language and Culture” section of the UMOOCs platform of the Chinese language foreign language platform is introduced. Associate Professor Li Min of the Korean Language Institute, "Introduction to the Beginning of Korean Language" became one of the first five courses to be selected, which aroused enthusiastic response from the teachers and students of the college.

A total of 30 lectures on "Getting Started with Korean Beginners", based on the online open course "Getting a Quick Start with Korean 40 Sounds". The course was recorded by the FLTRP in 2013 as an online course for UNEPUS, which is widely used by Korean Korean language enthusiasts.

In 2018, it was further improved and supplemented, and it was renamed as“Introduction to Korean Language in Zero Origin”. It was successfully selected into UMOOCs (Chinese Foreign Languages Mosquito Platform), and has been accepted as a compulsory course by domestic universities such as the School of International Relations. The course system explains the pronunciation methods, spelling rules, and common phonetic changes in Korean.

Each lecture consists of four parts: pronunciation method, follow-up exercises, words and common conversations. 10 minutes a day, one month to easily master the standard Korean pronunciation and writing methods, and also learn more than 200 common words and more than 100 practical sessions.

Through the selection of the excellent courses of the “Learning Powers” section, our school cooperates with the school service “Belt and Road” to further enhance the ability to “speak the Chinese story well” and continue to play the “Belt and Road” initiative of the Korean language professional advantage service and “ "Going out of culture" and the "learning for a strong country" construction are geared towards the whole party and the learning network platform that covers the whole society, and the foreign language talents are bred. (Zhang Guoliang)

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