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The English Academy holds a "simulation field, job title" mock interview contest

On the afternoon of April 23, the final of the English Academy mock interview contest was held at the Irish Research Center of Liye Building. The theme of this competition is “Simulation Stadium, Jobs”, which is designed to help our students prepare for job hunting, prepare candidates for job and job hunting skills, and improve employment competitiveness.

Our school started the mock interview contest in the job hunting preparation season from mid-March. It took a month and a half to experience the sea election, the preliminary competition and the rematch. A total of 8 players entered the finals. The final is divided into two parts: creative self-introduction and no-leading group discussion.

In the four-minute creative self-introduction session, the players explained their personal experiences, job-seeking positions and their understanding of the position, and then the judges conducted stress questions. Each player is confidently on the stage, highlights and highlights, and accurately grasps the fit between his ability and ability. In the non-leading group discussion session, the players conducted a group discussion within two minutes, made specific plans for the given situation, and then took turns to speak and represent the speech.

After two rounds of competition, the 2016 grade Li Yijia stood out. She will represent the English Academy to participate in the 10th Model Recruitment Competition of Dalian University of Foreign Languages. (Miyaxuelian)

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