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Dalian Confucius Institute Outstanding Confucius Institute Scholarship Students Go to Beijing Cultural Experience

On April 26th, some Confucius Institute scholarship students from our school went to Beijing to carry out cultural experience activities. A total of 59 students participated in the event, from Argentina, Ethiopia, Russia, Italy, Colombia, South Korea, Cambodia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Tajikistan and other 16 countries.

Everyone first visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters. Director of the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanzi Examination and Scholarship Office Hu Ziyuan led a visit to the China Cultural Experience Center and the International Chinese Teaching Resources Exhibition. Hou Zimo, a student from Tajikistan, read a letter of thanks to the Confucius Institute Headquarters. He expressed his gratitude to the Confucius Institute Headquarters on behalf of the Confucius Institute Scholarship students.

In his letter, he said: Thanks to the Confucius Institute Headquarters for creating valuable opportunities and excellent learning platforms for our study. We must cherish the hustle and bustle, study hard, and make our own contribution to enhancing the friendship between the motherland and the Chinese people and the beautiful vision of "building a community of human destiny." The Director of the Examinations and Scholarship Office, Mr. Hu Ziyuan, encourages all students to study hard, continue their studies, and constantly strengthen their understanding of Chinese culture, and to be a messenger of cultural exchanges in the future.

During the stay in Beijing, everyone also boarded the Badaling Great Wall and visited the Palace Museum.

This cultural experience event further enhances the relationship between the scholarship students and the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and enhances the students' motivation to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture. It is of great significance to the education and teaching of international students in our school.

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