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Our school held the Chinese Spring Camp of Chunfu Public International School in Thailand.

Magnolia is full of branches, and cherry blossoms are like snow. In April, full of vitality and hope, the beautiful Dawai campus ushered in the teachers and students of Chunfu public International School of Thailand.

Twenty-nine students and three teachers from Chunfu Public International School started their Chinese Spring Camp activities in our school from April 18th to April 28th.

The event aims to cultivate students' interest in Chinese learning, consolidate the foundation of Chinese, and improve their communicative and practical skills in Chinese. In order to enable students to deeply taste the richness of Chinese culture, in addition to the basic Chinese courses, Han College has specially opened a number of cultural experience classes such as paper-cutting, clay sculpture, tea art, martial arts and face making for short-term students.

In addition, Han College also organized a lot of extracurricular activities. The students for the first time saw the giant panda at the zoo and learned about China's modern history in Lushun. They also visited the School History Museum to learn about the development of our school.

On the afternoon of April 26, the closing ceremony was held in meeting room 601 at Chengzhi Building. Chen Zijiao, Dean of Han College, issued a certificate of course- completion for 29 students. He hoped that after returning to Tailand, the students would continue to learn Chinese and continue to study in the future to become a messenger of cultural exchanges between China and Thailand. President Chen Yulin of Chunfu Public International School in Thailand said that he now "is able to speak Chinese and have friends all over the world." After returning to Thailand, he will continue to train students to learn Chinese. I hope that overseas Chinese in Thailand will inherit Chinese traditional culture from generation to generation.

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