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Xiushu ozawa, chairman of Canon (China) co., ltd. was invited to our school to give a lecture

On the afternoon of June 12th, hideki ozawa, vice President and executive director of Canon group, chairman of Canon Asia marketing group, chairman and CEO of Canon (China) co., LTD., visited our school to deliver the fifth lecture series of entrepreneurs to students of Japanese language institute. The lecture mainly includes Canon Asia marketing group's business content, corporate culture, business philosophy and ideal staff requirements.

In the lecture, Mr Ozawafocusedon globalization, introducedthe Canon group global layout andbusiness area,expounded how the Canon Asia marketing group uphold the enterprise idea of "symbiosis", in accordance withthe management policy of "fairness, honesty, communication, indiscrimination, profession,mutual respect, achievement, activism" ,grow stronger toward a "good corporate citizen" global goals step by step.

Mr Ozawa focused on how to encourage innovation and communication within the group to create a clear. healthyandunique corporate atmosphere. He attached importance to "greetings" and pointed out that daily greetings are the first step in communication. Chairman ozawa then focused on the Canon group on the ideal employees of the ten requirements, for the Japanese language institute students to provide a clear direction of efforts, encouragethem to beenthusiastic, tobravely facechallenge, take bold actions and combine knowledgewithaction. He also pointed out the importance of "greetings" and "thanks", as well as the importance of laying a solid foundation and thinking in others' shoes.

During the interactive session, the students asked chairman ozawa about the cultivation of comprehensive quality of Japanese majors, how to balance work and study, how enterprises should deal with competition, and the future development of Canon group, and received detailed, humorous answers and enthusiastic encouragement from chairman ozawa.

After the lecture, Yu fei,headof Japanese language institute made a summary speech and presented the entrepreneur lecture lecturer certificate to chairman ozawa.

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