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Our school holds the seventh "job-hunting season" series of activities

In order to enrich campus employment culture, guide students to change their employment concepts, help students improve their employment ability, and prepare for the upcoming job-hunting season, our school held the seventh "job-hunting season" series of activities from march to June, 2019.

The activities widely supported and actively cooperateg with various departments,our schoolorganized a public class including online job guidance, "a dream in the workplace"8 class activities such aspeer job sharing, special guidance of international commercial competition, foreign talents selection special training, special training abroad, special training andsimulation recruitment contest and so on. There are more than 4600 students receiving job guidance online through the "student career platform".

Nearly 2,100 students participated in 31 industry open classes lectured by 33 teachersof our university or other universities. More than 2,800 students participated in 32 sharing sessions of "realizing their dreams"presentedby 55 sharers. Nearly 3,200 students participated in 7 business competitions of famous enterprises. Of the 53 students who participated in 2019 diplomatic talent selection and training, 6 students were selected for the inspection phase. More than 1200 people participated in the special overseas training; Nearly 1,300 students participated in the special training for postgraduate entrance examination. More than 2000 students took part in the mock job fair competition, guiding 52 times before the competition, and 8 finalists received 15 internship offers altogether.

In order to commend the work achievements of various schools and departments, English college, Korean language college and business school were selected as excellent organizational units, andXu yan, Korean language college and school of businessPan bo were selected as excellent organizational teachers.

Since 2013, the "job foseason has been successfully held" 7 times,which is named class A fine campus culture activities, an important part of our school employment guidance service system, the important carrier tohelp students to improve employment activity, activity forms became varied and quality enhanced constantly,whichlet more and more teachers become experts for employment guidance, A growing number of corporate partners entered the campus, more and more students mastered methods and practice of the campus culture of employment to achievetheirprofessional dreams.

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