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Our students create another success in Dalian 30th Canon Cup Japanese speech contest

On June 14th, inDalian 30th "Canon cup" Japanese speech contest ,Han xinru andSong xiaolui, students of Japanese language college of our university, won the first prize in the professional group andWei yuyue won the second prize.

Dalian "Canon cup" Japanese speech contest, sponsored by dalian people's association for friendship with foreign countries and Canon company, has been held continuously for 30 years since itsstart in 1990, and has become asymbolic event in the Japanese languagecircle ofDalian. The competition is divided into three stages. First of all, colleges and universities inDalian will select 31contestants to participate in thesecond round, and sixcontestants will be selectedto compete in the finalround for the champion and first runner-up.

On the day of the final,Dalian mayorTan chengxu, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Canon co., LTD. Fujio mitarai and other guests were present. The contestants will give impromptu keynote speeches andanswer questions from the judges. The judges will give a comprehensive score from the perspectives of content, pronunciation and posture. In the end,Han xinru andSong xiaolui, students of Japanese language college of our university, won the professional group with the first and second place respectively, while wei yuyue was the second with the third place.

The three winners were all from the speech and debate training team of the Japanese language institute and received careful guidance and extensive training from Chinese and Japanese foreign teachers before the competition. After thecontest, all three expressed their gratitude for the cultivation of the school, andare willing to continue to work hard to show thetalents and stylesof the students of DLUFL.

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