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The first national multilingual corpus summer training class was successfully concluded

The first national multilingual corpus summer training class was successfully concluded

Hosted bygraduate student department,scientific researchoffice,Shool ofEnglishStudies, linguistics research base of Dalian University of Foreign Languages,and co-hosted by "a foreign language and foreign language teaching" editorial office,editorial department of audio-visual teaching of foreign languages, editorial department of language education, foreign language teaching and research press."the first national summer workshops for multilingual corpus" in July 2019, 17 solstice was held inDalianUniversity ofForeignLanguages on July 19, more than 180 teachers, graduate studentsfrom 28 national universities and schoolsattended the semina.

The opening ceremony of the seminar was presided over by professor deng yaochen ofDalian University of Foreign Languages, and vice President professor chang junyue delivered the opening speech. This workshop invitedprofessor Wei naixin from Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics professor , professor PuJianZhong mao-cheng liangfrom zhejiang industry and commerce university,professor LeiLei fromhuazhong university of science and technology.associateeditor-in-chief, professor Hu Jiasheng fromforeign language audio-visual teaching. professorZhao Yongqing from Dalian University of Foreign Languges andDr Wang feng fromjilin university to attend this workshop.professor yao-chen deng as a guest speaker broughtexcellent courses withrich information from a new angle for the students.

Research and study content is divided intothree parts ofkeynote speech, computer operation andeditor BBS. around the five themes important concept of "corpus linguistics", "multilingual corpus of design and construction", "multilingual corpus analysis tools in the application of teaching and scientific research", "multilingual corpus research project declaration", "multilingual corpus research papers written and published" ,some experts have carried on the detailed and fascinating presentations.

At the closing ceremony of the seminar, professor liang maocheng, current President of China corpus linguistics research association, summarized the seminar. He first thanked the hard work of the lecturers and the students for their hard work. Then he briefly summarized the contents of the lecturers in the past three days and put forward the prospect of the future development of multilingual corpus linguistics. Finally, professor peng wenzhao, director of the graduate school ofDalian University of ForeignLanguages delivered the closing speech. He congratulatedto the studentsforthe success and the good academic achievements of the seminar.

This research and study organization is elaborate, the content is substantial; Teaching experts give consideration to both theory and practice, breadth and depth, especially providing a good communication platform for non-general language teachers, scholars and graduate students, and pointing out the direction of multilingual corpus construction and future development.

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