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Our language service helped the summer davos conference

Our language service helped the summer davos conference

Recently, our school received a letter of commendation from dalian news media group, thanking our translation company and its translation team for their support and help in the publication of the bilingual issue of dalian daily 2019 summer davos annual meeting.

The annual meeting of the summer davos, which returns to dalian every two years, is a top-level gathering for global political leaders and business elites to gather in dalian for common development, and a valuable business opportunity for companies seeking international cooperation and leapfrog development. Tosatisfythe desire ofshowing the image and presenting the strong wish to cooperate,and to letdalian leading brand enterprise "pass-through davos", our translation information co. LTD was invited by dalian daily, the official newspaper of dalian municipal committee of the CPC, to cooperate with it and specially launch the bilingual special issue of "dalian daily" 2019 summer davos annual meeting, showing the city style and brand charm of dalian to the world.

This special issue is the first time that dalian daily appeared in the meeting hall of davos in dalian in bilingual form. In just one week, 16 professional Chinese press releases of various industries with nearly 30,000 words were successfully translated into English. During the meeting, it was read by political and business leaders far more than any other publications, which well promoted China and dalian. Our school translation experts huo yuehong, liu chunwei, zhou xue, qu changliang, yu dong, ding ke jia and American expert xu xinwu participated in the translation and verification of this special issue. The teachers' professional level and selfless working state were praised by dalian daily.

The success of this special issue of publication information from our translation company received the dalian daily articles, to arrange suitable translation experts to review, dalian daily for the modification of the original, and then go back to translation experts to revise, to review, and so on .A series of complex translation process,and translation experts would sit up with hard work .So the success of this special issue of public information can not be separated from coordination by both our translation information co. LTD and dalian daily.

Our school actively responds to the national policy on colleges and universitiesforserving local economic construction and regional economic development.In addition to good performance during the meeting, our translation information co. LTD also provided the language services to theforeign personnel in the criminal case investigation and trial which was highly concerned by foreign ministry,did a better job in safeguarding state sovereigntyand the interests of the state. In addition, the translation team also undertook the translation work of subway signs and signs commissioned by dalian metro corporation. Facing the doubts from a large number of citizens in the past, from a professional perspective,we put forward a rigorous translation plan in many aspects such as language habits, regional differences and sign principles, which was praised by dalian metro group. The translation company will rely on our language service strength, in order to set up our high-end language service image and to more participate in the local and regional economic construction, we willcontribute to the economic and social development.

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