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Our school holds the 2019 pre-employment training and graduation ceremony for state-funded teachers sent abroad by Confucius institute headquarters

Our school holds the 2019 pre-employment training and graduation ceremony for state-funded teachers sent abroad by Confucius institute headquarters

On August 1, 2019, the pre-employment training and graduation ceremony of state-funded teachers sent abroad by the Confucius institute headquarters was held in the lecture hall of the library of our university. Wang weichen, deputy secretary of the party committee of the university,heads fromrelevant functional departments and 96 teachers attended the graduation ceremony.

Before the graduation ceremony, the leaders and participants watched the video and reviewed the training course of 3 weeks. The short film recorded every detail of the training life -- the first day of coming toour campous, the class opening ceremony, the professional courses, the talent classes, the safety training and so on.

The graduation ceremonystarted with the solemn nationalanthem. The host readaloud thenamelist of graduates and outstanding students.then, deputy secretary wang weichen issued training completion certificate and honor certificate respectively for student representatives and outstanding students.

Hu xiyu from the affiliated primary school of chengdu no. 7 middle school spoke on behalf of all the students. First of all, she extended sincere thanks to the Confucius institute headquarters and?DalianUniversity of Foreign Languages on behalf of all the teachers on training. She said that the three weeks' study not only improved people's professional knowledge and skills, but also improved their personality quality in various aspects through various activities, and also enhanced their sense of responsibility and mission. She said that she will live up to the country's trust and do her best to spread Chinese to all corners of the world, so that more foreigners will fall in love with China!

Deputy secretary wang weichen congratulated all the teachers in his speech. He said Confucius institutes are China's national name card and a platform for displaying the country's image. Since the establishment of the first Confucius institute in the world, over the past decade or so, we have been committed to promoting people-to-people exchanges, strengthening public support, conducting exchanges and mutual learning in various fields, promoting communication of ideas and cultural integration, and jointly passing on thefine tradition of lasting friendship between China and other countries.

Our school has always adhered to the model of equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between China and foreign countries, which has made important contributions to promoting the exchanges between Chinese and foreign people and enhancing the friendship between Chinese and foreign people. He hopesthatat the criticalmoment of transformation and upgrading, Chinese teachersmay improve theirteaching ability, ability to spread the Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication, with enthusiasm, love, sweat and wisdomthey may write a new chapter for international Chinese promotion.

It is reported that the training lasted 21 days, using special lectures, trial classes and other forms, completed more than 210 hours of training content. Experts in the field of Chinese language international education and Chinese culture were invited to provide high-level academic lectures and professional courses, and a large number of practical trainings were conducted. The 96 qualified teachers will be sent to six countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Fiji,Tonga andVanuatu, to teach Chinese and tell Chinese stories to promote mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations.

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