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The 2019 Amur Autumn Micro Film Festival and the 4th International Education Exchange Month Closing Ceremony were successfully held

The 2019 Amur Autumn Micro Film Festival and the 4th International Education Exchange Month Closing Ceremony were successfully held

From September 24th to 26th, the Amur Autumn Film Festival jointly organized by our school and the Russian Consulate General in Shenyang and the Amur Autumn Film Festival Organizing Committee was successfully held in our school. The "Amur Autumn" microfilm festival is a continuation of a microfilm-themed event following the film festival last year. During the microfilm festival, a total of 11 excellent films from China and Russia were broadcast in the Pyrmont Café, which made our students experience a different film culture.

On September 26th, the 2019 Amur Autumn Micro Film Festival and the 4th International Education Exchange Month Closing Ceremony were successfully held in Qihang Building. Donovani, Krosov, Lesherlikova, Groba, Trescunova, Yegolova and other dozens of famous Russian actors, directors and singers were presented at the surprise and for our school. Teachers and students have presented a variety of wonderful performances including traditional Russian songs, "Belt and Road" singing performances and ballet performances. Our students have brought wonderful performances with unique national characteristics, including Chinese musical instruments, folk dance performances, martial arts performances, and street dance performances.

The Amur Autumn Micro Film Festival was successfully held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. It has important significance and far-reaching influence on promoting Sino-Russian cultural exchanges and cooperation and enriching the regional cultural industry. At this point, the fourth International Education Exchange Month of our school was successfully closed.

The 4th Dalian International Studies University International Education Exchange Month lasted for one month, during which a series of activities with rich content and various forms were held. Compared with previous events, this exchange month has carried out new explorations and attempts. During the event, the International Symposium on East Asian Pragmatics was held for the first time, and foreign affairs etiquette training and national knowledge lectures were added.

In addition, in the past, excellent projects were passed down. During the period, the second “One Belt, One Road” Dalian Forum was held, and lectures on mental health education and joint development project results were held. Foreign affairs etiquette training and national knowledge lectures as a new project in this exchange month, starting from the needs of students, provided practical skills training and system knowledge for our students to study abroad.

In the foreign affairs etiquette training, the deputy dean of the School of International Art of our school, Li Li, from the angle of instrumentation and clothing matching, gave us a wonderful explanation. She said that she should not blindly follow the fashion trend. Only by understanding her own characteristics can she match the harmony and beauty. It can show its own personality. In the National Knowledge Lecture, Professor Zhang Shuxue of Dalian Maritime University was invited to give a wonderful explanation in terms of national conditions, natural scenery, education system, Sino-Dutch relationship and other aspects in a humorous language.

This exchange month event further enhanced the in-depth cooperation between our school and the friendly colleges and promoted the exchanges between the two sides in academic research, teaching concepts and campus culture construction. In the future, our school will continue to consolidate the connotation of international education, promote the integration of scientific research results into an international platform, focus on cultivating “three-type” talents, and continue to advance toward the goal of all-round internationalization.

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