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Vice President Jiang Fengchun attended the 2nd Global Foreign Languages ??University Alliance Presidents Forum

Vice President Jiang Fengchun attended the 2nd Global Foreign Languages ??University Alliance Presidents Forum

On September 26th, the 2nd Global Foreign Languages ??University Alliance Principal Forum was held at Xi'an International Studies University. More than 40 university presidents and scholars from around the world attended the conference. Vice President Jiang Fengchun attended the Alliance Forum and spoke at the Principal Forum.

With the theme of “Community of Language, Civilization and Human Destiny”, the Alliance Principal Forum invites members and partners of the Global Foreign Languages ??University Alliance to reform and develop foreign language universities, innovative models for talent cultivation, regional research and development, international exchanges and culture. Sharing ideas, knowledge and experience on issues such as diversity.

Vice-President Jiang Fengchun made a speech at the forum on "Building a bridge to communicate and exchange diverse world civilizations with Confucius Institutes." He pointed out that the Confucius Institute allowed Chinese culture to go abroad, exchange and exchange, and become a model of international cooperation between the world and China, "You have me, I have you", enriching the diversity of world civilization.

He made an in-depth explanation on this issue: First, the Confucius Institute entered the world, promoted the exchanges and mutual understanding of civilizations among all countries, and shared symbiosis; secondly, the Confucius Institute entered the world and promoted the mutual understanding and mutual understanding of the people of all countries; The flourishing development of the college will help achieve the education of all countries and work together to help build a community of human destiny.

He said that in 2018, Dawai led the establishment of the Confucius Institute Collaborative University Alliance of Dalian University of Foreign Languages. The members achieved complementary advantages, achieved win-win cooperation, formed a synergy of development, and further promoted the cultural multilateral exchange and civilization diversity of the countries concerned. development of. In the future, the foreigner will continue to work hard to explore the diversity of world civilizations and contribute to building a community of human destiny. The speech of Vice President Jiang Fengchun was widely endorsed by the participating experts.

At the meeting, the delegates conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on relevant topics in their respective sub-forums. Everyone conducted a professional and in-depth exploration on the development of the foreign language university itself, as well as the use of language and cultural diversity to promote the construction of a community of human destiny.

The Global Foreign Languages ??University Alliance was established in May 2017. In addition to the vast majority of foreign language universities in the country, it also absorbed many universities from Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries. In 2019, there were 34 members in the alliance. This year is the second presidential forum held by the Alliance. It is reported that the Alliance Principal Forum will be held at Shanghai International Studies University next year.

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