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Liaoning Confucius Institute Cooperative University Alliance officially launched, Dawai elected as chairman unit

On December 10th, during the first International Chinese Education Conference held in Changsha, Hunan, the Liaoning Confucius Institute Cooperative University Alliance was officially launched, and our university was elected as the chairman unit. Tian Xuejun, deputy director of the Ministry of Education, Ma Jianfei, deputy director-general of the Confucius Institute headquarters, Hua Lei, deputy director of the Education Department of Liaoning Province, and Wang Weichen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dalian Foreign Studies University, jointly unveiled the alliance. A total of 90 representatives from Confucius Institutes of Chinese and foreign universities from 12 universities in Liaoning Province and 23 overseas universities from 17 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa participated in the launching ceremony.

The meeting elected the chairman and deputy director unit of the alliance, voted on the constitution of the alliance (draft), and jointly signed the alliance framework agreement. The members of the alliance stated that under this framework, they will jointly uphold the concept of "openness,inclusiveness, and win-win", and work together to integrate resources, complement each other's strengths, open and share, and collaborate in innovation. Establish a diverse and effective cooperation mechanism, jointly promote the high-quality development of the Confucius Institute, promote in-depth cooperation between Chinese and foreign universities, promote mutual cultural exchanges and mutual learning, and work for the construction of a community of shared future for mankind.

At the launching ceremony, Ma Jianfei, Deputy Director General of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, emphasized that the Confucius Institute, as a bridge for cultural exchanges and communication between China and foreign countries, carries great significance in strengthening Sino-foreign friendly cooperation and cultural exchanges. The establishment of the Confucius Institute Cooperative University Alliance in Liaoning Province will help gather and integrate the educational and teaching resources of universities in Liaoning Province, further assist Sino-foreign education cooperation, serve the "going out" of cultural exchange in Liaoning Province, and provide a new platform for the world to understand Chinese culture. We will play a greater role in promoting the pluralistic development of the world and building a community of shared future for mankind.

Hua Lei, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, said that the Alliance has established a stable and diverse inter-school exchange and cooperation relationship between Chinese and foreign institutions through the Confucius Institute, created a multi-party cooperation platform, and built a common development layout, thereby continuously strengthening student interaction. All-round cooperation in various fields such as exchange, exchange of scholars, academic exchanges, and co-disciplinary construction, etc., to achieve the in-depth integration of alliance colleges and universities. While enhancing the educational strength of both universities, it will also enhance the cultural soft power of Liaoning Province and promote vigorously the internationalization process of Liaoning Province in the fields of education, culture, economy and trade.

Wang Weichen, a representative of the alliance's chairman unit and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dalian Foreign Studies University, pointed out that the establishment of the alliance can not only improve the internationalization level of Liaoning Province, but also bring benefits to the participating universities. It will help promote the benign interaction between colleges and universities and the establishment of an efficient multi-party cooperation mechanism, so as to vigorously promote open cooperation between colleges and universities and facilitate mutual cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

It is reported that there are currently 100 universities in Liaoning Province that have established friendly relations with more than 1,000 universities, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations in the world. 13 universities have established 30 Confucius Institutes and 4 Confucius Classrooms overseas. As the chairman unit of the Confucius Institute Cooperative University Alliance in Liaoning Province, our school has continuously dispatched the president, teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Institute from the establishment of the first Confucius Institute overseas in 2007 to the establishment of a national multilingual Dalian base for international promotion of Chinese. Trained various teachers for the Confucius Institute headquarters, and cooperated with 10 universities on four continents to build 10 Confucius Institutes. Itestablished thelargest number of Confucius Institutes established by domestic provincial universities overseasoverseas and built a solid bridge for Chinese culture to "go global".

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