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Our students won the championship in the 15th All China Composition Competition

Our students won the championship in the 15th All China Composition Competitio

On December 12, the 15th All-China Japanese Composition Competition Award Ceremony and Japanese Speech Conference were grandly held at the Japanese Embassy in Beijing. The work of Han Ruobing, a student of the School of Japanese Language and Literature of our school, has undergone strict scrutiny in the 15th All-China Japanese Composition Competition, and has won the first prize from 4,359 works in this competition. In addition, our school'skuai Yingyuwon the second prize, and Cao Jiaxin won the prize for excellent work. Han Ruobing and Mr. Kawauchi Kawachi were invited to attend the awards ceremony as representatives.

The All-Chinese Japanese Composition Competition is co-sponsored by the Japan Overseas Chinese News Agency and the Japan-China Exchange Research Institute. The Japan Overseas Press has always been actively committed to China-Japan friendly cultural exchanges. This year is the fifteenth year of the competition. A total of 4,359 works from 208 schools have been received. They haveattracted theattention from theauthoritative mediaof People's Daily, Chinanews.com, Dongfang.com, and Asahi Shimbun, NHK, Nippon Television and many others.

With the title of "Brother in the picture and Grandma Strawberry" Han Ruobing described his personal experiences in childhood and high school, and expressed his desire to be a volunteer at the Tokyo Paralympic Games,tohelp more disabled people enjoy sports The determination and its true emotions received the resonance and applause of the audience.

After the award ceremony, six outstanding instructor representatives, including our school teacher Kazuchi Kawauchi, who received first prizes were invited to the Japanese Ambassador's Residence to have lunch with Ambassador Yokoi and talked about Sino-Japanese exchanges on other topics, and took photos with other outstanding instructors. (Huang Yifeng)


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