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Our school holds the theme publicity event of "University students stay in Liaoning and return to Liaoning to find employment and start a business" and the closing ceremony of the second "job hunt

Our school holds the theme publicity event of "University students stay in Liaoning and return to Liaoning to find employment and start a business" and the closing ceremony of the second "job hunting season"

On the afternoon of February 18th, the theme publicity activity of “College Students Stay in Liaoning and Return to Liaoning for Employment and Entrepreneurship” and the closing ceremony of the second “Job Hunting Season” hosted by the Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department, the Education Department and the Federation of Trade Unions were held inroom405 of Mingde building. Mao Zhengshi, the national model worker representative, Fan Yongsheng, the representative of innovation and entrepreneurship, and Lu Yanbo, an alumnus of our school, formed a lecture group to conduct the theme publicity. Li Ying, deputy director of Liaoning University Student Employment Center, Liaoning Provincial Federation of Trade Unions investigator Hao Wei, and Liaoning University Student Employment Center, Wang Hong attended the event.

Mao Zhengshi, Fan Yongsheng, and Lu Yanbo shared their personal growth experiences and insights from the topics of “Solid fondation and Diligence accomplish Individual and National Desires”, “University Students in Liaoning, Business Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges”, and “Taking Roots in themass, Dedicating Youth” as the themes. The teachers and students present were deeply touched by the great devotion and family feelings that contributed to the realization of the Chinese Dream. This keynote speech activity is an important lesson for guiding graduates to establish correct employment concepts, devoting themselves to the revitalization and development of Liaoning, encouraging graduates to find employment and entrepreneurship at the grassroots level, and staying in Liaoning to build a successful career.

The second "Job Hunting Season" series of activities organized by the school for the 2020 graduates has taken 3 months since the launching of the "Career Growth Cisco Mentor Sharing Session", which has received strong support and extensive praise from employers, teachers and students throughout the school. . More than 50 units such as Cisco, Midea, XCMG, Hand, Xueersi, and Zhilian Recruitment actively participated in the activity; the school and university level organized a total of 6 major sub-events, and the 2020 graduate employment intention survey recovered 3007 valid questionnaires , Accounting for 83.95% of the number of graduates in 2020; more than 6,200 person-times received job guidance online through the "Study and Career Platform"; more than 3,000 students participated in 21 topic-based job search practical guidance provided by more than 30 teachers; more than 2,600 students participated 65 elite companies gave lectures on industry open courses in 7 industries; more than 2900 students participated in 33 “Job Dreaming” peer job sharing sessions described by 75 sharers; 1,500 students accepted the pre-service psychology of 68 consultants Commissioning and employment consulting "one-on-one" guidance to resolve 56 types of problems.

Adhering to the "comprehensive actual combat, helping job hunting" as the theme, "job hunting actual combat season" is one of the three excellent practice activities of our school's employment guidance service system, which has been successfully held for two sessions. It is an important part of the employment guidance work that complements each other outside the classroom, takes into account both breadth and depth, and combines universal pertinence and pertinence. It helps graduates to establish a correct employment outlook, enhance employability, and promote graduates to achieve full-quality employment. (Ma Bichen)

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