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Vice President Chang Junyue Meets with Vice President Iida Nobuchi of Kagoshima International University

Vice President Chang Junyue Meets with Vice President Iida Nobuchi of Kagoshima International University

On the morning of December 18th, Vice President Chang Junyue met with the visiting Vice President of Shinji Iida of Kagoshima International University. The heads of relevant departments such as the International Exchange and Cooperation Division, the Japanese Language Institute, and the School of Software attended the meeting.

Vice President Chang Junyue first welcomed the visit of Vice President Iida Shinji and his party, and introduced the history of our school, campus size, disciplines, teachers, and international school characteristics, with emphasis on Japanese Professional development and leading position in Japanese language talent training. Vice President Chang Junyue said that since the 55th anniversary of the founding of our university, our university has grown from a single language and a single discipline to a university with 14 foreign languages and a complete range of disciplines such as arts, engineering, law, economics, andso on.

With the introduction of the "new liberal arts" education concept, the training of foreign language talents should pay more attention to the combination of language majors and related majors in order to achieve a diversified knowledge structure. Vice President Chang Junyue pointed out that the College of Foreign Languages and Software has actively explored the integration of liberal arts and sciences and has achieved certain results. It has cultivated a large number of new talents with liberal arts thinking + knowledge structure of science and engineering, and has adapted to the information background Changes in society's demand for talent. Vice President Chang Junyue hopes that through the visit of Vice President Iida Shinji, the two sides will enhance friendship and strengthen exchanges. In the areas of common concern in the future, resources will be shared and advantages will complement each other. By jointly building a scientific research team and building a scientific research cooperation platform, the talent training level and international influence of the two universities will be further improved.

Mr. Iida Shinji thanked Vice President Chang Junyue for his warm reception. Vice President Iida Shinji reviewed the history of cooperation and exchanges between the two universities, expressed gratitude toDawai for sendingthe outstanding studentsto themfor many years, and expressed appreciation for the professional qualities and basic qualitiespresented bytheseforeign students. Vice President Iida Shinji said that the aging and declining birth rate of Japanese society is becoming more and moreobvious, affecting all aspects of society and bringing severe challenges to the development of Japanese universities.

The participation of foreign students has played a positive role in maintaining a good enrollment rate and student structure for Kagoshima International University. The vice president of Iida Shinji pointed out that in the "Master Plan for Higher Education 2040" in Japan, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Education and Culture emphasized the educational philosophy of the integration of science and science and the future demand for interdisciplinary general talents. Mass literacy and basic literacy in areas such as creating new value data. Vice President Shinji Iida hopes that he can learn from Dawai's valuable experience in the integration of science and science to explore new development models for Kagoshima International University; he hopes to deepen cooperation with Japanese and software majors of our school and cultivate for China and Japan More complex talents to meet future social needs.

After the meeting, Vice President Iida Shinji brought a special lecture entitled "Doraemon and Education Society" to students of Japanese majors in our school, which opened up students' perspectives and explored Japanese society in a novel way. The understanding of culture has been well received by students.


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