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Our school's multilingual translation team assists epidemic prevention in Liaoning

Our school's multilingual translation team assists epidemic prevention in Liaoning

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, in order to solve the problem of shortage of translators in Liaoning Province, and to assist Liaoning Province in the publicity work against the epidemic, our school cooperated with the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Liaoning Province to set up a multilingual anti-epidemic translation team at Dalian Foreign Studies University Actively engaged in the first-line battle against the epidemic in Liaoning, and provided translation support in 7 languages: English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, French, German, and Italian for the fight against the epidemic in Liaoning. At present, the translation results of the translation team have been published on the "Liaoning Foreign Affairs" WeChat public account and official website.

Since February 9, 26 teachers in six professional languages, including the Japanese Language Institute, the Russian Language Institute, the Korean Language Institute, the Advanced Translation Institute, the French Department, and the German Department, have completed the work including the Liaoning Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Command 1- Order No. 8, information on the press conference on the prevention and control of epidemic situation in Liaoning Province, entry notice of Dalian Foreign Affairs Office, personal protection guide, measures for prevention and control of epidemic situation of enterprises and employees, announcement of prevention and control of overseas epidemic input, health notification, etc. Urgent translation task. With the development of overseas epidemics and the need for anti-epidemic work, on March 8th, teachers from our school majored in Italian also joined the translation team. Especially since the beginning of school, the teachers of the epidemic-resistant translation team have completed the heavy online teaching tasks during the day and then used the evening break to complete the translation of the manuscripts. Despite the tight schedule and heavy tasks, the teachers dedicated their wisdom and strength to the epidemic-fighting fight with superb foreign language skills, and rich translation experience, which truly reflected the selfless dedication of our teachers in action.

The Foreign Affairs Office of the Liaoning Provincial People's Government highly praised the work and efforts of our university's epidemic-resistant multilingual translation team, and said that the results of the translation team's work will serve as a model to guide the foreign affairs work of Liaoning Province. At the same time, in order to thank our school for its help and support, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Liaoning Provincial People's Government provided our school with protective materials. The epidemic-resistant multilingual translation team of our school has won honors not only for the school, but also for the teachers and students who are about to start school. On the front line to help Liaoning fight against epidemics, the work of the Dalian Foreign Studies University multilingual translation team will continue.

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