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Dalian Foreign Studies University organizes emergency drill for epidemic prevention and control

Dalian Foreign Studies University organizes emergency drill for epidemic prevention and control

In order to implement the spirit of the document “Notice on Organizing Emergency Exercises for School Epidemic Prevention and Control Work” issued by the Office of the Leading Group of Epidemic Prevention and Control of Education and Work Committee of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, the epidemic prevention and control work of our school before springschool extension in 2020 is effectively doneto ensure the health of teachers and students and the smooth progress of education and teaching after the start of school. On the morning of March 18, the school organized an emergency drill for epidemic prevention and control. The principal Liu Hong, the disciplinary committee secretary Tang Erli, the deputy principals Cong Mingcai, Chang Junyue, and the principal's assistant Xu Haote visited the site to guide the exercise. The party and government office, student office, graduate office, security office, logistics management office, youth league committee, and international cultural exchanges Persons in charge of the center and other departments and some counselors participated in the drill according to the prevention and control emergency drill procedure.











The Logistics Management Office conducts emergency drills on epidemic prevention and control on students' accommodation, meals, disinfection, and emergency situations after returning to school. The exercises center on returning students to check-in bedrooms, unified distribution of meals, disinfection and ventilation protection for public health conditions, and students with fever, etc. The emergency treatment of abnormal symptoms and the isolation process with the dormitory personnel were conducted in five drills. The staff of the canteen divides meals and packs in the centralized meal-packing area, equipped with special insulation boxes, and uniformly distributes them in the dormitory building as a unit, and sends them to the foyer on the first floor of each dormitory building. Before students enter the dormitory, they line up in the waiting area in front of the hall on the first floor of the student apartment. The queuing interval is more than 1 meter. The staff enter the dormitory after verifying their identity. Use 500mg / L chlorine disinfectant to sterilize teaching, office areas, student apartments, various service places, garbage sites and various facilities and equipment. When the student has fever, breathing problems, etc., guide the student to the temporary observation point, the staff of the health center arrives at the scene, measure the temperature of the student, and inquire about the physical health status, and then send it to the Lushunkou District People's Hospital forinspection after confirming the feversymtom. Under the guidance of medical staff, students with fever and other symptoms were taken to the school quarantine area with the dormitory staff for separate observation. The dormitory was closed with 500mg / L chlorine disinfectant.

Through the emergency drill and epidemic prevention and control, the Logistics Management Office further clarified the norms and procedures of students' accommodation, meals, disinfection, and emergency situations after returning to school. Refine prevention and control steps, further improve work plans for accommodation, dining, disinfection, and emergency situations, and use scientific and standardized operating procedures to provide students with a strong logistic service guarantee after returning to school.

After the exercise, the school held a summary meeting in the Room 601 of Chengzhi Building.

Chang Junyue, vice principal, and Xu Haote, assistant principal, put forward requirements around the exercise and the safety management of students after entering the school.

Principal Liu Hong summarized the exercise.

First of all, she fully affirmed the epidemic prevention work carried out by various units and departments since the outbreak, and said that the current overall epidemic prevention and control work of our school is well planned and has achieved good results. Through this exercise, all departments should further establish a problem orientation, carefully sort out and summarize the problems found during the exercise, further improve the relevant plans, and refine the measures. I hope that everyone will continue to implement the work in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Education, make the school plans more scientific, standardized and procedural, build a stronghold of the campus epidemic prevention and control, and effectively protect the health of teachers and students after returning to school.

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