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The department of Italian and Arabic held an online epidemic prevention meeting for overseas students

The department of Italian and Arabic held an online epidemic prevention meeting for overseas students

On the evening of April 7, the Italian and Arabic department held an online epidemic prevention meeting for students studying abroad. The secretary of the general party branch of the Italian and Arabic department fu shuang, deputy director ding Yang, instructor zhang jing, Chen rupei and 30 students still in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, uae and Italy attended the meetingvia tencent conference. Chen rupei chaired the meeting.


The representatives of the students reported on the situation of the epidemic in their countries, the anti-epidemic measures used by the students, the stocks of personal supplies, food and anti-epidemic supplies, and the supportfrom the local embassies to the students.

Director ding Yang first conveyed the spirit of the school's work meetingand President liu hong's concern, greetings and reminders to all students, conveyed thecore meaning of the superior documents. He wants overseas students to take personal precautions and encourage them to adjust their attitudes to discriminatory remarks abroad. He also hopes that students studying abroad will comply with local epidemic prevention regulations, saying that the university and our department will do their best to help students solve the current difficulties. At the same time, he reminded international students to do a good job in communication with partner institutions andtheirparents, and hoped that international students can further strengthen mutual help and help each other through difficulties.

SecretaryFu shuang extended cordial greetings to the students, affirmed the positive effortsby the studentsto prevent the epidemic, praised everyone in thecombating the"epidemic" for their mutual help andtheir abiding by local regulations of self-management. She hoped that the students would continue to do a good job in thecombating the"epidemic" work, adhere to the information reporting system, comply with the local epidemic prevention requirements, maintain contact with the department and the local Chinese embassy, and believe that the motherland is a strong support for everyone.She hopes every student is safe and healthy, keep on doing a good job in personal protection, pay attention to study, adhere to positive energy, consciously resist foreign media improper remarks, show a good image of the Chinese people.

At the end of the meeting, students from different countries communicated with secretary fu shuang and director ding Yang about their concerns and situations.

The online epidemic prevention work conferenceby the department of Italian and Arabic provides an opportunity for teachers and students at home and abroad to fully communicate with each other, which is conducive to mastering the latest developments of all students abroad, actively promoting students' understanding of the current situation at home and abroad, improving students' psychological quality in the face of complex public opinions, and helping students solve practical difficulties. (Chen rupei)

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